Monday, December 08, 2008

Quoting Stella #4

Stella is saying funny things all the time these days, but here are two of the most recent.

Today she was just talking, talking, talking and said, "Mommy, I told you, diny-saurs, mouse, turtles, frogs, monkeys be my fav-ite amuls... that come from Mexico."   Oh really, Mexico?  Not only are those obscure animal choices, but since when do we know about things that come from Mexico?

Later she was playing with her Little Mermaid mega blocks, stacking all of the parts and pieces precariously on top of each other and said, "Oh, this will make a beau-ful party."

Little Yates is trying to walk.  He takes 3 steps at time, once or twice each day.  Not 2 steps and not 4 steps.  Its strictly 3 steps.  He loves showing us where the lights are and where up is too.  He is so funny and cute.  He has started dancing and makes a little funny face on command, so much fun!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dear Dr. Heimlich

I haven't posted in so long. I have been missing the ol' blog. So here's a little story from a couple of nights ago. Michael was out of town and the kids and I were having dinner. Chicken spaghetti, corn, green beans and some wheat thins to keep the little hands occupied. Faithful Sasha is in place trying to be invisible and patiently waiting for all of the goodies that rain down from the highchairs. Yates was really mowing his dinner down. He loves to eat. Poor thing, I worry that he is starving all the time. Most friends and family know that Yates is also a huge gagger. He was born gagging on his own saliva and still gags at the slightest thing. Until very recently the poor little dude threw up at every single meal because of this super sensitive reflex of his. He gets better and better and its really no big deal. It looks worse than it is and we are totally used to and expect it (the gagging/throwing up). So this night was just like any other. Yates starts gagging and I do what I always do, pat him on the back and tilt his head forward. Hmm. It didn't work. I do it again and again. Uh oh. I try to reach whatever it is and that doesn't work either. I yank him out of the high chair and flip him head down and bang on his back. Still gagging! So I Heimlich-ed him and he threw up everywhere, mostly right on Sasha's head. He takes a couple of breaths and acts like nothing ever happened, reached for the highchair and back to eating he went. I kind of thought it was a big deal, but no one else seemed to even notice our little near death experience. Ok then. I guess I'll just clean the throw up off of the dog.

what are these faces about?

So here's what I learned: 
#1 Babies don't care if they have to be "heimlich-ed." 
#2 Throw up on the dog stinks sooooo bad and it doesn't just wipe off. 
#3 90% of my blogs are about throw up. I'm sorry.

innocent looking baby Yates... attacks!!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

oh my gosh!

Finally! I have internet service at the rent house. I mean seriously, this has been the most torturous deal. 26 days without! I have been just checking email here and there and have had very little access at all. Awful! All we asked AT&T to do was transfer our service. Sounds easy right? Well, I honestly think that Michael and I have spent 30 hours on the phone with those idiots. Call after call after call. Whatever, its over now and I have major internet withdrawals. If anyone needs me, I will be online 'til future notice.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Friday was my 30th birthday. The big 3-0 wasn't so bad. It was actually really good. Michael had Pink come in to keep Stella and Yates and he took me on a fabulous little get away. We had early dinner at Fearing's, followed by the symphony, then we walked over to the The W's Ghost Bar and back to the Ritz for wine and a night away with no babies. The next morning M had arranged a full spa day, another dinner and then a big present on top of it all - an amazing vintage watch from the whole family. Thank you all, I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
I don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful, thoughtful husband, the most perfect family and the best 30th birthday ever.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

and thats why I whistle...

Today after picking Stella up from mother's day out my favorite song, "Bleeding Love" came on in the car. I never ever usually sing out loud, but this song is so good, I couldn't help it. So the song (and I) got to the really good part and Stella said, "Sounds like that puppy dog on Fox and Hound show." There's lots of howling on the Fox and the Hound so I don't think that was a compliment. It was pretty funny though.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Moving and a recap...

We've been packing and moving and packing and moving for days and it seems like there is still so much to do.  The first part is so easy then you get to the yucky stuff that is really just trash that keep for whatever reason.  We are deep into the yucky part for sure.  Moving with the babies makes it even more fun.  They really have been very good considering the mayhem we are calling home.  
We have managed to squeeze some fun into this mess and have gotten some fun pictures in the last week or two.
Yates got his first major boo boo.  I am totally not a band aid person, but this gusher needed a band-aid.  Stella (my big helper) and I got him all cleaned up with a band aid and neosporin and it lasted all of about 30 seconds before Yates pulled it off.  We started over with a new band aid and again he made it about 30 seconds.  
Examining the finger with the band aid.
Getting a feel better kiss from Bean.
So then we went for a quick zip around the neighborhood in the big red wagon.

Last weekend, Michael and I took a long weekend trip to Napa with 2 other couples had a great time and had some really good wine.  Yates went to Pink and Bop's and Gabby and Gigi came to stay with Stella.  I think they all had a good time.  I got to pump the boobs in the company of practical strangers in the back of a 12 passenger van while careening down a mountain pass.  Just one of the highlights of the trip.  We really did have a good time.  We are just seriously out of practice when it comes to late night dinners and all day drinking.  The weekend was jam packed and not very relaxing.  Looks like we'll need another vacation.
When we got home, Pink brought my old highchair from her house for Yates.  I think Stella and Yates are enjoying dining together.  I love it for sure b/c I have them both captive at the same time.  

Here are a couple more good pictures of Yates.  He is so different than Stella was.  She never touched anything she wasn't supposed to or ate things off of the floor.  He is into everything.  You see him scan the room looking for things to attack and get into.  He has discovered the cat door and has developed a special crawl for "scratchy" surfaces.  He gets up on his hands and feet so he doesn't have to scratch up his knees.  So smart ; )

Friday, September 19, 2008

Quoting Stella #3

Stella has created a whole new color scheme for our family.  The colors in this group are the "day time" and "night time" colors.  Any time we ask Stella about a color that she has to imagine, for example, what color she wants her new room to be, she tells us "Uuuummm day time blue."
At first she was just saying day time and night time about blue, so I thought she was talking about sky blue.  Now we have realized that she has correlated darkness (as in night time) and light (as in day time) to colors.  What a smart little bean!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a day...

This whirlwind started bright and early because its Tuesday School Day / Mommy's Easy One Baby Day at our house.
7:15 - Got brother up to feed him
- Got me up to get dressed
-Got Bean up to get ready for school... there's about a 99% chance that she will scream and cry about not wanting to get her clothes on, socks on, shoes on, hair fixed, and/or go to school. Fun!
--Michael got up and did Bean's lunch and breakfast... total lifesaver.  He ended up dressing her too and it was surprisingly tame. 

-Loaded the babies up to go to school... lots of crying
-Drop off... more crying
-We're free (this is where it starts) so we run grab a starbucks.  Thank goodness.
-Sweet friend Emily calls and has a sick newborn and needs me to watch Hannah (19 mos) so she can run to the doctor.  Of course I say yes and am more than happy to help.
-Get home feed and dress Yates.
-Check email quickly...can't reply, just read.
-Hannah comes over.
-Call my mom to ask her if I need prozac b/c I am unbelievable grumpy, pissed, mean, mad, annoyed for no reason.  
-Play with Hannah and Yates

-M leaves to go have lunch with work people.
-Yates gets sleepy, feed him, run put him down for a nap.
-Play with Hannah.
-Fix Hannah a snack.
-Unload the dishwasher.
-Emily returns to get Hannah.
-Y wakes up while she's here, they go home.
-Pick up toys.
-Gigi (M's mom) calls.  I ask her if I should get some prozac and chat for a sec.
-Feed Yates
-Neighbor across the street, Emily, calls.  Has a job interview and needs me to babysit Violet (2) while she runs to do that.  Of course, again I say yes and am happy to help.
-M returns with a little news.  His business unit has been sold and he is uncertain about his job.  Oh really?  Aren't we building a house?  Fantastic!  He is freaking out a little bit.  Where's that PROZAC??
-Run Y outside to swing for a second before Bean comes home and sucks all of the attention out of the galaxy.
-Realize I've got some sort of itchy rash on my back.  I think I'm getting hives or something b/c the stress level over here is not healthy.
-Run inside to make a sick, fast sandwich to eat so I don't just die.
-Eat sick sandwich while I reload the dishwasher.
-Load up Y to go pick up Stella.
-M informs me that he might just quit and start his own company and asks how little we can survive on while he does this.  Ok... I'm ok...
- Home appraiser calls to come come appraise the house at 5.  Fabulous!
- Builder calls with lots of questions.
-Get home.
-Feed Yates
-Violet comes over.

-The girls play really well, no incidents.
-M leaves to run some errands but says he will be back to help me get ready for the appraiser.
-Emily comes back to get Violet
-Open the front door to let Emily and family out and the dogs run out.  The neighbor's son, who comes over every single day with his 3 dogs drives up with his windows down and Sasha runs to attack his dog who is hanging 1/2 way out of the front passenger seat.  I run and practically have to tackle her to get her off of this car and dog.  Cool.  
-Get babies and dogs back inside.
-I start frantically trying to clean up our 1/2 moved out 1/2 disaster zone home that has been full of kids all day while I carry Yates around and Stella is begging me for pickles of all things.  
-I am sweating, running, making beds, wiping things, sweeping, sweating, running... 
-4:58 Michael comes home.  Great.  I am mad, but don't say anything.  What do you say?  He helps finish picking up.
-Appraiser arrives and does his deal.
-We go outside to play in the nice weather.  Kids gotta play even when the mommy and daddy are about to lose it, right?
-Try to take a family picture b/c Bean is supposed to have one for school. (Mind you that you can only take her picture these days if you lie and tell her that you are actually taking a picture of something near her, not her... no paparazzi for Bean.)  
-Gabby (M's dad, still evacuated from Houston) comes by.
-Feed Yates
-Pack toys, diaper, snacks.
-Load up to go to dinner.
-Have a good talk with Gabby and good dinner.  Feed Yates.  Everyone behaves thankfully.
-Come home
-Get everyone's pjs on.
-Read Stella's books and put her to bed.
-Feed Yates and get him to bed.

So I know no one really cares about the minutia of my day, but I was already thinking I needed prozac before it even really started.  Also we have been staying up until 1 and 2 working on decisions for the house and have frazzled nerves as it is... and yes I still have an itchy rash on my back.   
Things to be thankful for:
1.  Stella and Yates have been angels lately.  
2.  We are building a new house.
3.  At least I didn't have to go the grocery store again, right?

Night, night...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mowing, Crusing and Venting

Yates and Daddy on their 1st mower ride together.  Yes, Yates is mowing in his dinosaur pjs.  Doesn't everyone???  He looooved mowing by the way and made his little growl noise (he growls at things he likes) the whole time.  

Yates seems to be in a big hurry to walk.  Now that he figured out crawling, he seems to be on to the next thing.  His #1 mission all day every day is to get over to any and everything that he can pull up on.  He pulls up on the couch, the hearth, the ottoman, the dog, dressers, tables, a leg (if one is still for too long).  I also caught him going from the ottoman to a toy and from the ottoman to the couch.  I can't figure out if he's really trying to learn to walk or if he is just fearless.  Call me crazy, but a 7 month old baby cruising between pieces of furniture just seems odd.  He is so precious either way.  
Today we went to the new house to check on some electrical stuff (fun!) and I packed a big bowl of snacks for Stella and Yates.  Stella did a great job keeping Yates entertained and handed him cheerios and stars one by one the whole time we were there.  Yates thought it was the coolest thing to have Stella handing him snacks.  He thinks Stella is the coolest thing most of the time which is also really cute.  
A little vent for mommy:  I am coming to the realization that I am severely self deprecating.  I stress myself out over the things that I'm not doing or not doing well and obsess over how to be better.  For example, I am terrrrrrible about going to the grocery store.  I hate it.  I hate everything about it.  I don't like planning meals b/c nothing ever sounds good to eat.  I don't like wagging the kids to the store.  I never know what to buy for snacks.  I hate buying food that goes bad really fast. (Little ticking rot bombs, eww!)  I don't like how much groceries cost when you check out.  I don't like buying food that is unhealthy (but we all know thats the good stuff).  I don't like the way the grocery store smells.  I don't like the people at the grocery store.  I don't like having to run around at 3000mph to cook a meal with kids crying at my feet and hanging on my legs after I do make it to the store.  Whew.  I went to the grocery today... can you tell?
Whatever.  Today was a really good day.  Everyone was sweet.  Stella didn't have a single fit, which is amazing after her terrible last couple of weeks.  We got lots of errands run, mommy cooked dinner and everyone is bathed and in bed.  You can't ask for much more : )

I didn't have any good pictures to post so here are 3 from a year ago today : )

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Our Favorite Song

Michael and I have chosen this as our favorite song because its so cute!

Yates just loves it because the ABCs really are his favorite song.  Lucky for Stella : )

"Ay, B, C, D, E, oF, G, Aych, I, Jy, Ky, Amenapee, Coo, Ah, As, Coo, Ah, V, Dabajoo, Ahx, zYei, N, Z.
Know Beana Ay, B, C, zit time sing zit me. Clap for me?"

First Grover just wanted to sit in the highchair with Stella.  Then he wanted to help her eat her dinner.  That Grover!!  Yes that is cheese in his mouth.

Friday, September 05, 2008

"Shool and The Crawler"

Stella had her first day of school this week, on Tuesday.  She was so excited to go the day before school, but oh no.  She woke up the morning of school and was not wanting to go at all!  She cried from the moment she got out of her bed and was still crying as I walked away from her class room.  I felt like a terrible mommy b/c we had the wrong shoes.  The kids are required to wear tennis shoes and socks.  Not only is this UGLY, we didn't have any tennis shoes that fit.  I went to the mall and seriously scoured every single store.  No suitable shoes in the entire mall in her size.  You know that kid that gets in trouble for breaking the rules when its really their bad mommy's fault?  I was paranoid all day that she was going to have a note pinned to her chest or something when I picked her up that made her feel bad all because of the stupid shoes.  Guess what.  Nothing happened.  Found some shoes and we'll be ready for next week.  More importantly, when I picked her up from school it was "So much fun!"  She's been telling me that her "shool" was so much fun ever since.  Hopefully we'll have fewer tears next week.

It is always fun to have days with Yates.  To let him be first and only for a change.  I wish that he had more undivided time with us, but I guess this is just the way it is for number 2.  Luckily he is a sweet boy.  He is a sweet boy who is officially crawling, by the way.  He is also trying to pull up on things.  I think he is way too little to be doing that, but I guess he can't help himself with all of that super strength he has.  He also has these 2 little bottom teeth that keep getting bigger and they are sooo cute!  I wish I could get a good picture of them.
Today Dara and I (and our 4 kids of course) attempted to recover 6 dining room chairs for a friend/client.  What makes us think we can do these things, I do not know!  We're already outnumbered by babies.  Anyway, we were in the midst of the usual chaos, nothing out of the crazy, loud ordinary and Stella had a little melt down.  She has recently started telling me when she is sleepy and ready for a nap, so we had that little conversation and whisked her away for her nap.  She got up and we thought everything was going to be ok, but oh no!  She completely flipped out.  Sweet Michael had offered to take Shelby, Stella and Yates to the "outside park" in the wagon and had little ice creams and spoons for them to eat on the ride.  Fun, big, big fun right?  No way.  Stella screamed and cried and wouldn't let anyone go to the park at all.  She wouldn't even eat the ice cream!  What?  Craziness.  I mean she has never flipped out so bad.  I didn't even know what to do.  She was doing that wild hyperventilating cry thing (that I might have done once or twice.) I didn't even know what to do.  Any suggestions?  

Anatomy of a flip out, stage 1, 2 and 3:

After she pushed the wagon back up the driveway with Shelby and Yates calmly along for the ride, she insisted that everyone go back inside.  I got her, sat her down and tried to get her to calm down.  Eventually she calmed down enough for me to have her "help me" use the sewing machine to make the cording for the chairs.  After that she was fine, but I really thought we were going to need a straight jacket or something.  She seems too little to be having such wild freak outs and I don't know if I should spank her or hold her.  Ahhhh, the joys of motherhood : )
Speaking of motherhood... what about that Sarah Palin?  I'm a fan!  5 kids, breastfeeding working mother, son in the armed forces, pregnant teenage daughter and a down syndrome baby????  #1 How can she do all of that?  #2  Could she be a better picture of every American woman?  Brilliant choice John McCain.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Harvest 08 and Too Many Babies in the Car

Its been a long time... We have been so busy lately.  Last weekend was harvest at St. Jane Vineyard.  It was hooooot so the babies and I weren't out there long, but everyone else was.  Dad had a huge harvest and we're all glad that we survived another one.  
My cousin Brooke and her daughter Evie came.  We had fun with them and the girls got to play together.  Stella calls Evie "FeeVee."
We had a not so fun trip home.  We decided at the last minute that we would try to leave my parents Saturday night instead of Sunday so we were in a frenzy trying to pack and load everything.  Brooke and Evie had left about 20 minutes before.  We had the car cooling off and were just about to head off and the phone rang.  Brooke was on the edge of town getting gas and her car wouldn't start.  Its like 200 degrees outside and she has a baby with her.  Trauma.  So dad and Michael rushed to get them.  
Brooke was pretty upset so sweet Michael offered to drive her car back to Dallas and we (me, Brooke, 3 babies) would follow him to make sure the car would make it.  Sounds great right.  OMG!  Remember Yates doesn't dig the car.  We get "FeeVee's" carseat in the back, back, back as Stella calls it, babies are all in and we're off.  Brooke has a Xanex or two and we're all ok.  We think.  Yates is a little fussy, but I figured he would kind of fuss himself to sleep.  Good lord was I wrong.  He went from fussy, to upset, to mad, to irate, to full blown - call 911 - crying so hard he was gagging himself.  I'm trying to drive and as mommies know, I can hardly even focus on the road with him screaming.  This natural mommy reaction was probably great to have before vehicles were invented, but screaming baby and panicking mommy and 65mph is a bad combo if you ask me.  So we stop.  Change drivers, I get in the back to calm Y down.  We're fine.  He falls asleep.  We stop again to switch drivers.  We're all ok.  Back on the highway.  Then we hear a little voice in the back saying, "Mommy, poo poo's coming, uh yep "heee" it is, poo poo's coming." Great.  Rush to the nearest stop in the middle of NOWHERE, get back off the highway, run into McNastyDonalds of all places, make a toilet paper seat in record time, get S all situated and nothing.  Not even a little tinkle.  Fabulous.  Now of course this stop woke up Y who had just gone to sleep.  He is again, hysterical in the car which upsets Evie.  So now Brooke is in the back trying to help them both.  At this rate we'll never get home.  So we offer the girls french fries to keep them happy.  Y is fussy, but again I think he'll make it.  We all get back in our seats and we're off again.  Of course Y freaks out big time again.  We pull off the highway again.  Change drivers again. I get back in the back with Y again.  Get him back to sleep again and I'm about to freak out.  Evie is crying for a blanket and I'm worried she's going to wake Y back up but there are no blankets to give her.  It just went on and on and on and on and on.  We see the skyline and I think we're going to survive b/c Brooke's house is just "by Richardson."  Holy Moly!  Ever been to Wylie?  Its closer to Canada than Richardson.  The last 30 miles really weren't too bad.  We made it, Brooke's car made it and poor Michael and Sasha made it.  The whole time I was wishing I was Michael.  Just him and the dog and peace and quiet.  What I didn't know what that he couldn't turn on the a/c!!!!  UGH!  I might prefer screaming babies to a 3 hour car sauna.  These are the things we'll look back and laugh about, but at the time I can actually feel the gray hairs growing and the wrinkles deepening.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Quoting Stella #2

Discussions with a two year old are... something else!

On a trip to the potty, I am holding Yates, kneeling down, trying to get Stella's panties off, her dress up and out of the way and her up onto the potty:

Stella: Mommy "hizzy!" Go potty!
Mommy:  Ok lets go.  Can you take off your panties by yourself?
Stella:  No mommy "doooze" it.
Mommy:  You're going to have to do it by yourself soon.  Mommy does it by herself.
Stella:  No, daddy "doooze" it.

Oh, really?

Poor Yates has a little cold.  I let him play on that stupid snake at the "mall park"  one time and this is what happens : (  Poor little baby!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

funny stella

scene:  new big pink ball is on the floor and Sasha is playing with it (which she is not supoosed to do b/c she always pops the toy balls).
Mommy:  Sasha no.  Sasha no.  Sasha no.
Stella:  Naaaaw, Sasha!
Mommy:  Sasha needs a spanking b/c she isn't obeying.
Stella:  Oh, need foom (spoon).
she runs to the kitchen digs in a drawer and comes back with a big whisk.
Stella:  Heeeya (here) mommy.  Fank (spank) Sasha.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Stella Code Archived

Stella Code is so outdated... It has to go : (

Ca = Cow or Car, Context is key
Pur-po = Purple and Stella's blanket's name
Mamma = Pacifier
Yiddle Diddle = Yellow
Curco = Turtle
Sessy = Sesame Street
Ha Ho = Hot Dog
Ha Ha = Ice Cream
Puh = Pink
Sy = Ice
Ka Boom-Mama = what you say when you pour out lots of little things on the floor
Cocka moong = ?
Wu-Fa-Fa = Waffle
Bubba = Brother
Da = Milk
Mla-Mla = Water

Yates' 1/2 Birthday and (drumroll) Big Girl Panties

Yates turned 6 months old yesterday.  He has started to try solids and has had a little banana, mashed potato, and carrot.  The carrots were not his favorite.  He also got to play on the big snake at the "mall-park" yesterday (the indoor playground at the Galleria).  He loved doing that and just hit that poor snake over and over and over.  Yates has also gotten a little bit better at riding in the car.  For the past few months he has just been terrible in the car.  He would cry and scream and just get hysterical.  It was not fun at all!  Just in last couple of weeks he has gotten so much better.  
Overall he is so sweet and easy.  He is sooo strong and is trying to crawl and sit up.  He is also my biggest fan.  He stares at me all the time and acts like I am the best thing ever.  Pretty sweet.  Tonight we are going to try to make the big move.  Yes, I keep my babies in our room forever, but tonight is the night.  I may have to sit outside and drink some wine while he screams in his room.  Wish us luck.

Big sister has reached a major milestone.  We are wearing big girl panties!  Yay!  On July 16th I undressed Stella for bathtime and told her that if she needed to go potty she had to come tell me and that she could not tee tee or poo poo on the floor.  (She really likes specifics and details.)  She said, "Awww- kaaay Mommy" and the next thing you know she was tee teeing on the big potty.  Up to this point she had absolutely zero interest in any potty, big or little. We were so excited about the tee tee in the potty and she got a few jelly beans for a treat.  After the first success, I decided I would leave her diaperless while we were home so she would be more aware and it has been the easiest thing!  We have only had one accident at home (someone put a little poop on the rug).  And we have been out of the house a few times with no accidents.  We went to dinner at Nick and Sam's with Pink and Bop and made about 6 mad dashes to the potty, but that was ok.  At least we were trying.  Yesterday we went to the mall, ate dinner and played at the "mallpark" in big girl panties.  Amazing!  I am so excited about all of the diapers I am not having to change.  What a huge relief!  

Today we went to Target in big girl panties with no accident!  I can't even believe it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

My men swimming at Pink and Bop's house on the 4th.  Yates looooves to swim and he loves his swimsuit from Aunt Lane.
The 4th weekend was fun.  We went to Palestine and stayed a few days, played in the pool lots and did fireworks at the farm.  This was the first year Stella really even realized there were fireworks.  She couldn't stay awake long enough to see them last year or the year before.  But she made up for missing the last 2 years this year.  She loved the fireworks and even did 3 biiig sparklers all by herself.  She's getting so big : (
Yates on the other hand, did not enjoy the fireworks at all.  Well thats not entirely true.  He liked the Palestine fireworks display we could see over the treeline, but he did not like the up close fireworks at all!!!  He cried and cried and cried.  He startles easily anyway, so big bangs, pops, whistles, explosions and little kids squealing was not his bag.  Not to mention the fact that it was way past his bed time.  Poor thing.
I guess Yates was thirsty and Stella was being a good big sister and getting him a drink of pool water.  Yum.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Quoting Stella #1

When the pizza man brought our Sunday night pizza this evening, Stella fondly looked at Michael and then sweetly said to me,

"Daddy, pizza, so happy." 

For those of you who don't know, pizza is one of Michael's favorite things in the whole world.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Naptime Bliss and Grocery Store Issues

Ok, I am so confused! I haven't wanted to say anything b/c as soon as I do it will all get messed up, but... Yates and Stella have been taking naps at the same time (without being held the entire time) for 3 days now! I don't know what to do with myself. As usuall, I have so many things that I want to do, that I can't think. I don't know what to do. Yesterday I got to write all of my super tardy thank you notes - uninterupted! Amazing. I hope this isn't a temporary situation. I could really use some time to do all of my 2 handed jobs.
Not the most flattering picture or outfit, but man he was having fun!
Stella hugging Sasha.  We're currently experiencing some pacifier regression...
Two clean babies and one big pink "mamma."

So the latest... Yates got his first tooth last Saturday. He has been teething for a while and it is much harder for him than it was for Stella. She never had any teething symptoms, but Yates has them all. Poor little dude. I was kind of hoping that him hating to ride in the car and teething were related, but I think he just hates the car. Each time I try to put him in his infant seat, he arches his back and cries and cries. Once we make it to the car, he screams and cries the entire time we drive until he just gives up and passes out. That is usually when we are turning into our driveway or something. If you see me driving, you should stay as far away as possible b/c I probably have my left arm twisted behind my seat trying to console Yates with a toy or by letting him chew my finger. And yeah, my whole arm falls asleep. Maybe he'll get moved into a big boy carseat really soon, like Stella did.

Here's a quick story. Its kind of insensitive, but here I go. So yesterday was exhausting! My car said it was 111 outside at one point and here I am wagging two babies. Sweaty!! So we go to the grocery store, which I HATE doing and it really wasn't too bad until the end. Stella ran beside the cart the whole time and was very good and I carried Yates b/c of the hating the infant seat situation. Anyway no drama until we are putting the groceries in the car. Let me just add here that one of the things I don't deal with well at the grocery store is the special needs people. No offense, but I generally don't have the time to chit chat about your cat or Vietnam or whatever. Thats mean, but I am on a serious mission at the grocery store and the faster we are in and out the better it is for everyone! So I never ever ever want help taking the groceries to the car b/c when I have done that in the past, the special needs people wont go away. They put the groceries in the car all messy and then just hang out when I'm needing to get these babies in their car seats and get the air conditioner going for Pete's sake! So (whew), I declined help to the car, as usual and one guy followed me out anyway. I was holding Y still and S was standing in the big part of the cart, completely safe. I had all of the bags in but one and this guy came and put the last bag in. Great, thanks, bye-bye. Nope! He then proceeds to pick up my daughter, take her out of the buggy and put her down in the parking lot! No big deal you say? Oh yes it is. #1 No strange men need to be touching my daughter anywhere for any reason. #2 Now I have a 2 year old loose in the parking lot and a buggy and a 5 month old on my hip and a special needs dude arguing with me. ugh! He says to me. "She was going to fall out, she was kind of wobbly in there." Forgive me, but I was not nice and said. She was completely fine and I did not want you picking her up and taking her out of the cart. "Well, she was going to fall," he says, "and Tom Thumb doesn't like to take any chances." Oh really Tom Thumb? I didn't say that, but did try to calmly say, "Thats fine, but I did not want my 2 year old out of the cart and free to run around in the parking lot." "Well have a good day anyway," he says. ugh...ok.

You know, the more I think about it, I think I should really keep an eye on that guy. He bothers me every time we go there and I thought it was just me being mean and annoyed, but he absolutely had no reason to follow us to the car.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

not bragging...

Every few days I kind of quiz Stella to see what all she knows.  I really never know what all she has picked up from day to day.  That 95th percentile head must have a lot of brains in it.  I really don't mean to brag, I just want to be able to remember this.  I just finished "quizzing" her on the alphabet.  She knows all of her letters even the "big ones and little ones."  She knows all of her colors: primaries, pastels and even metallics.  She knows her numbers 1-10 and can count to ten.  She knows more animals than anyone really needs to know, the sounds they make and what letters many of them start with. She is very close to being able to spell her name.  Right now we are stuck at S-T-E-L.  I am just trying to keep up and don't want to waste any of this super absorbent time.  
Not knowing what to do next, Michael bought her a US map/puzzle for ages 8 and up.  We thought it would just be a toy for now... oh no.  She can identify 10 states and tell you who is from each one.  In her terms: Texas (Pink, Bop, Mommy, Brother, Stella) Louisiana (Daddy (he was born there)), Oklahoma (Grandma Q), Indiana (Gigi), Kansas (Gabby), Utah (Aunt Annie and Uncle "Teve"), Colorado (Uncle Tim), Florida (Mickey Mouse), Georgia (Tiffany) and California (its just big and purple thus easy to remember).  
I am very proud of her of course, but am completely floored at the things she knows.  Maybe this is normal.  I have no idea.  Oh! AND last night while I was composing this post, Stella was eating a biscuit.  She bit it into the shape of a dog and was trying to tell us that it was a puppy.  We were like, no that's a biscuit.  She kept saying, "No, puppy!"  We looked and sure enough it looked exactly like a dog!  What?!  So weird.  I freaked out and tried to take a picture, but she bit its head off before I could get the camera.  Who knows what she'll do next.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

This and that...

"Mommy! car wash blue boong (balloon)..."  Is what Stella told me while this picture was being taken.  She officially turned 2 over the weekend and is so hilarious.  She tries to make sentences and the things she thinks! So funny!  One of her favorite things to say, "Mommy hair mess. Fix hair."  Where did she learn that I wonder?  

Little Yates : )  is such a sweet boy!  He has started rolling over and has also started going to Little Gym.  I was a little skeptical about a 4 month old doing the exercises at Little Gym, but Yates loves it.  They do lots of front flips and he has even hung on to the overhead bar.  What a strong little dude!  Yates loves to put his feet up on his bouncy chair!  
Daddy went out of town and we had a slumber party in the "big bed."
Yates after one of his new roll over maneuvers.