Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a day...

This whirlwind started bright and early because its Tuesday School Day / Mommy's Easy One Baby Day at our house.
7:15 - Got brother up to feed him
- Got me up to get dressed
-Got Bean up to get ready for school... there's about a 99% chance that she will scream and cry about not wanting to get her clothes on, socks on, shoes on, hair fixed, and/or go to school. Fun!
--Michael got up and did Bean's lunch and breakfast... total lifesaver.  He ended up dressing her too and it was surprisingly tame. 

-Loaded the babies up to go to school... lots of crying
-Drop off... more crying
-We're free (this is where it starts) so we run grab a starbucks.  Thank goodness.
-Sweet friend Emily calls and has a sick newborn and needs me to watch Hannah (19 mos) so she can run to the doctor.  Of course I say yes and am more than happy to help.
-Get home feed and dress Yates.
-Check email quickly...can't reply, just read.
-Hannah comes over.
-Call my mom to ask her if I need prozac b/c I am unbelievable grumpy, pissed, mean, mad, annoyed for no reason.  
-Play with Hannah and Yates

-M leaves to go have lunch with work people.
-Yates gets sleepy, feed him, run put him down for a nap.
-Play with Hannah.
-Fix Hannah a snack.
-Unload the dishwasher.
-Emily returns to get Hannah.
-Y wakes up while she's here, they go home.
-Pick up toys.
-Gigi (M's mom) calls.  I ask her if I should get some prozac and chat for a sec.
-Feed Yates
-Neighbor across the street, Emily, calls.  Has a job interview and needs me to babysit Violet (2) while she runs to do that.  Of course, again I say yes and am happy to help.
-M returns with a little news.  His business unit has been sold and he is uncertain about his job.  Oh really?  Aren't we building a house?  Fantastic!  He is freaking out a little bit.  Where's that PROZAC??
-Run Y outside to swing for a second before Bean comes home and sucks all of the attention out of the galaxy.
-Realize I've got some sort of itchy rash on my back.  I think I'm getting hives or something b/c the stress level over here is not healthy.
-Run inside to make a sick, fast sandwich to eat so I don't just die.
-Eat sick sandwich while I reload the dishwasher.
-Load up Y to go pick up Stella.
-M informs me that he might just quit and start his own company and asks how little we can survive on while he does this.  Ok... I'm ok...
- Home appraiser calls to come come appraise the house at 5.  Fabulous!
- Builder calls with lots of questions.
-Get home.
-Feed Yates
-Violet comes over.

-The girls play really well, no incidents.
-M leaves to run some errands but says he will be back to help me get ready for the appraiser.
-Emily comes back to get Violet
-Open the front door to let Emily and family out and the dogs run out.  The neighbor's son, who comes over every single day with his 3 dogs drives up with his windows down and Sasha runs to attack his dog who is hanging 1/2 way out of the front passenger seat.  I run and practically have to tackle her to get her off of this car and dog.  Cool.  
-Get babies and dogs back inside.
-I start frantically trying to clean up our 1/2 moved out 1/2 disaster zone home that has been full of kids all day while I carry Yates around and Stella is begging me for pickles of all things.  
-I am sweating, running, making beds, wiping things, sweeping, sweating, running... 
-4:58 Michael comes home.  Great.  I am mad, but don't say anything.  What do you say?  He helps finish picking up.
-Appraiser arrives and does his deal.
-We go outside to play in the nice weather.  Kids gotta play even when the mommy and daddy are about to lose it, right?
-Try to take a family picture b/c Bean is supposed to have one for school. (Mind you that you can only take her picture these days if you lie and tell her that you are actually taking a picture of something near her, not her... no paparazzi for Bean.)  
-Gabby (M's dad, still evacuated from Houston) comes by.
-Feed Yates
-Pack toys, diaper, snacks.
-Load up to go to dinner.
-Have a good talk with Gabby and good dinner.  Feed Yates.  Everyone behaves thankfully.
-Come home
-Get everyone's pjs on.
-Read Stella's books and put her to bed.
-Feed Yates and get him to bed.

So I know no one really cares about the minutia of my day, but I was already thinking I needed prozac before it even really started.  Also we have been staying up until 1 and 2 working on decisions for the house and have frazzled nerves as it is... and yes I still have an itchy rash on my back.   
Things to be thankful for:
1.  Stella and Yates have been angels lately.  
2.  We are building a new house.
3.  At least I didn't have to go the grocery store again, right?

Night, night...

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