Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Baby Is...

10 months and 1 day and Rex just took 4 steps! He's been standing without holding on alot and has been taking 1 step for about a week, but tonight was his best so far! Michael said that it must be the feet dangling behind his unzipped footed sleeper giving him a little extra balance. Of course we missed the four steps, but here's a little video. At least you can enjoy his outfit.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


"Mom, I saw a lawn mower man wipe snot on his shirt."
"What? Where?"
"No, it was awe-ome. That's what mans do."

This comment was after Yates found the pretend ghost hiding behind my bathtub and needed me to spray it with ghost (hair) spray. It was also after Yates carried Rex from one room to the next by the throat, feet dangling. And after he exploded bubble gum toothpaste all over my face and clothes because it was too spicy. And after he came completely unglued because he wanted me to order him a mocha at Starbucks and after Mr. Too Spicy ate 3 adult sized bowls of actually spicy gumbo for lunch. He followed it all up with, "Mommy, take a video of me sitting in this chair." Talk about an action packed video... He is one hilarious full time boy and all of that was before noon. Whew!