Monday, April 19, 2010

Yay Yates!!!

Guess who is potty trained... YATES!
Its been 2 1/2 weeks and it just kind of happened on its own. On Wednesday after school, I took his diaper off and let him run around for a bit while I hunted up a new one. I told him not to tee tee on the floor and he nonchalantly said ok. I got a diaper and a pair of underwear and asked him which one he wanted and he chose, "Unda-bayer"and basically that was it. He hasn't been back in a diaper since. He is sleeping in pull ups but only wets them on occasion. He has been getting treats for going on the potty each time and he got a big prize that first night, fire fighter gear. I am soooo excited to have him potty trained. I do not think its any easier though. Its quite a trick to get a heavy little boy undressed and redressed every time he needs to potty while holding Rex. I had heard that little boys like to take all of their clothes off to go potty, but hadn't given it much thought until now... now that I'm living it.
checking out his new fire extinguisher
The strange thing is that Yates will hold it forever!!! The first day back to school I sent him in underwear with plenty of options to change into if they ran into trouble. He refused to let his teachers take him to potty and they were so worried about him. They put him in a pull up for nap time and said that he really wet it while he was napping. Not so. I took his pull up off and it was dry as a bone. He wouldn't go potty after school so we ran to the grocery. I was sure we'd have to go in there, but we didn't. Poor baby waited until we were all the way back home. He still hasn't gone potty at school, but thats ok with me. As long as he isn't having accidents.

Stella Jane is under the weather. Poor thing. I thought we were done with sickness now that the weather is warming up. I had to force her to take some medicine this afternoon and she literally gagged 5 times. Once she recovered from her hysteria, she said, "That medicine actually tasted kinda good." Mercy. She has been on a medicine strike for... her whole life and now its "kinda good!!!"
I admit, I am the mom who thinks my kid is really smart. I don't think she's a genius or necessarily the smartest, but I am always so amazed by her thought processes.
As we were having breakfast the other day she was staring out the window at "blue slide" and said:
S: "Mommy, who built my slide and the big house on top?"
M: "Daddy and Bop did."
S: "Hmmm, that sure looks like a lot of work. I bet it took forever."
M: "It did. It took 2 whole days."
S: "Well, how did they build the blue slide part? Did they build it all out of blue bricks or did they just buy it like that from Lowe's and stick it on?"
M: "The bought it like that from Costco."
S: "Ahhh."
I'm wondering how she knows what a lot of work is.
She also informed me while drinking lemonade from Chic-fil-a that, "If you ever have anything in your lemonade when you're drinking it, don't worry. Its just the 'nades.'"
I guess she was referring to the pulp... If its in lemonade and its not the lemon part, what else would it be? Nades, duh!
Stella and Rex holding hands and watching tv
One of the best things Stella and Yates do right now is show me how much the love me. They hold hands and stretch their arms out wide and say, "Mommy, we love you this much." Its pretty cute. For a while Stella was saying, "Mommy/Daddy, I love you as long as a rope." I loved that one. Right now she loves us both "never end."

Baby Rex is a big boy. He is so strong and has the most enormous chest and a deeeeep voice. Yates was the same way, but its so shocking to me for some reason. He is at the point that he can buck his way out of any bouncy seat and even his bumbo and I do mean buck. If he doesn't want to do something, he just throws himself around trying to escape. He has started to get into a good schedule that is more predictable and doable and is taking real naps instead of random 15 minutes here, an hour there. He really is the happiest little thing. He wakes up smiling and laughing and loves to watch S and Y and laugh at them. He is still so patient and will sit and watch everyone while we eat or clean up. Thank goodness!