Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dear Dr. Heimlich

I haven't posted in so long. I have been missing the ol' blog. So here's a little story from a couple of nights ago. Michael was out of town and the kids and I were having dinner. Chicken spaghetti, corn, green beans and some wheat thins to keep the little hands occupied. Faithful Sasha is in place trying to be invisible and patiently waiting for all of the goodies that rain down from the highchairs. Yates was really mowing his dinner down. He loves to eat. Poor thing, I worry that he is starving all the time. Most friends and family know that Yates is also a huge gagger. He was born gagging on his own saliva and still gags at the slightest thing. Until very recently the poor little dude threw up at every single meal because of this super sensitive reflex of his. He gets better and better and its really no big deal. It looks worse than it is and we are totally used to and expect it (the gagging/throwing up). So this night was just like any other. Yates starts gagging and I do what I always do, pat him on the back and tilt his head forward. Hmm. It didn't work. I do it again and again. Uh oh. I try to reach whatever it is and that doesn't work either. I yank him out of the high chair and flip him head down and bang on his back. Still gagging! So I Heimlich-ed him and he threw up everywhere, mostly right on Sasha's head. He takes a couple of breaths and acts like nothing ever happened, reached for the highchair and back to eating he went. I kind of thought it was a big deal, but no one else seemed to even notice our little near death experience. Ok then. I guess I'll just clean the throw up off of the dog.

what are these faces about?

So here's what I learned: 
#1 Babies don't care if they have to be "heimlich-ed." 
#2 Throw up on the dog stinks sooooo bad and it doesn't just wipe off. 
#3 90% of my blogs are about throw up. I'm sorry.

innocent looking baby Yates... attacks!!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

oh my gosh!

Finally! I have internet service at the rent house. I mean seriously, this has been the most torturous deal. 26 days without! I have been just checking email here and there and have had very little access at all. Awful! All we asked AT&T to do was transfer our service. Sounds easy right? Well, I honestly think that Michael and I have spent 30 hours on the phone with those idiots. Call after call after call. Whatever, its over now and I have major internet withdrawals. If anyone needs me, I will be online 'til future notice.