Wednesday, April 29, 2009

poor little babies...

Stella and Yates had a fun weekend but then it all went south. I'm pretty sure that they got sick from going to the doctor's office for Yates' 15 month check up. It's pretty frustrating that you have to go get shots to keep you well and then you get sick for going. We have a little bit of everything going on. We have eye infections, coughs, runny noses, some throw up and a little number 3. S and Y have just stayed in their pjs for the last couple of days and rested. I wish there was something I could do to make them better.
Yates got his new "bike" so he can zoom around with Stella.  He can't quite reach the pedals but its still big fun.
We all hopped on for a ride.
Sweet boy...
We hardly have enough beads.  Stella asks us to look at how beautiful they are...
Identical stance while watering.  Identical furrowed brow while mowing.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Stella Code v.2 is retiring

  • Here's the list for posterity.  We'll surely be posting Yates code soon.

  • Beeny Zabbit = Bunny Rabbit
  • Po-ke-tine = Porcupine
  • Jijjy Beans - Jelly Beans (the treat for going potty)
  • Ahh Fup = Air Flip, what she calls the flips she does with Daddy on our bed before bedtime
  • Bowg = Bug
  • Hizzy = Hurry
  • Pur-po = Purple and Stella's blanket's name
  • Mamma = Pacifier
  • Yezo = Yellow
  • Curco = Turtle
  • Ha Ho = Hot Dog
  • Ha-Ha = Ice Cream
  • Cocka moong = This one has evolved. It is now "cocka bum." It works as an exclamation point or to express surprise... weird I know.
  • Faffle = Waffle
  • Bubba = Brother
  • Da = Milk
  • Mla-Mla = Water

I thought yesterday was Friday... hmmm... ok

First of all, I am exhausted.  I've had 3 nights of no sleep (cat, dog and Stella) and today have had 1 bedding change (pull-up failure during the night), 3 shots at the doctor for Yates, 2 trips to the pharmacy, 1 trip to the grocery, 2, buggies full, 2 meals served and 3 full cups of spilled drinks (each spilled at a different time) 4 loads of laundry, 5 conversations with the builder and no coffee.  Its just not right.  
Tonight we're having a slumber party with the 3 Olson boys/men.  We better enjoy it while we can.  I can imagine this situation 13 years from now.  Could be tricky.
Yesterday we had pictures of the babies taken at the Arboretum.  Kelly did an amazing job!  I am officially in love with her!  She made Stella and Yates so comfortable, they had a great time and barely noticed they were having their pictures taken.  Check out the sneak peak from Kelly on her blog... la-la photography

Sunday, April 19, 2009

all caught up...

Since we don't have a thing in the world to do (right) we decided to add 2 more mouths to feed and 2 more habitats to maintain.  Meet Bob and Braxton.  Yates learned to say cheese this weekend, so he and Stella are doing their best cheeses with their new pets.

Bob is the blue one.  He is Yates' new fish and we let him name his fish.  Braxton is the red one.  He is Stella's and she named her fish too.  Sorry Dara.  I kept asking her if she was sure about the name Braxton and she was positive about it.  Braxton it is. 
Michael asked me how we were going to handle the death of these fish... if we were going to have to rush out and replace the fish with stand ins.  Absolutely not!  Life lesson 101.  We had a good talk with Stella and Yates (like he cares) about taking good care of the fish and about how the fish would go to fish heaven if we did not take care of them.  They have both fed their fish several times now and its not too bad.  I am not excited about emptying out the fish poop water.  Oh well.

Yates (diaperless) and Daddy watering the new plants
We spent the whole day in the back yard today.  Michael planted about 7000 plants.  I did help, got dirty, muddy, even stepped in poop barefoot.  Fabulous.   I hope the plants all like their new homes, exposures, dirt and water and grow really pretty.  We want our thumbs to be green sooo bad.

Stella and I put a new adirondack chair together today.  She is good at screw-drivering.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mr. Chatty

toilet paper dust... oooohhhh...

The other night we were going to run to Best Buy after dinner to get a couple of things.  Its kind of late, completely unplanned and we know have a 50/50 chance that someone is not going to want to go or that someone will scream in his car seat the whole way.  Its always somethin'.  So trying to stave off any grumps, Michael and I are singing stupid stuff about, "Who wants to go to Best Buy, ME!!!"  over and over in the car.  So annoying...  I know, but we keep going.  "Who wants to go to Best Buy?" ... pause...  Then we hear this cute little low, low voice from the back, say, "Muuuuh."  I'm laughing as I type b/c it just doesn't type as cute as it sounded at all, but it was adorable.  Yates is just now trying to talk, but he is such a complete dude.  Its hilarious.

Neighborhood Watch

I almost forgot this one.

After breakfast this morning, "we" all went upstairs to get our clothes on but someone (Stella) was lagging.  She was right behind us on the way up but then she just never would come.  I kept calling and calling but she was obviously too very busy.  I was getting Yates dressed and picking up books so she had plenty of time to finish up whatever pressing issue she was attending to. I really didn't think much of it because the girl really can get tied up perfecting the tiniest things like I don't know organizing puppies or lining up some cups.  Little did I know...  
She eventually did run upstairs like she had been rushing all along.  I did find that a little odd, but whatever.  We were in a hurry to get Sasha to the vet for suture removal in the middle of a torrential thunder-wind-rain-flood storm of course.  Everyone gets dressed and we go back downstairs and into the kitchen.  I noticed a stool that was severely out of place...  like completely on the other side of the kitchen and pulled up to THE KNIVES.  I thought whoa, that is dangerous, who did that? Did I do that?  I shouldn't have done that.  I don't remember doing that at all.  Weird... wait... I did not do that.  So I ask, "who moved this stool?"  "Oh me, I did it."  Stella said matter of factly.  "Why did you do that" I asked.  (I have mentioned before, she is very detail oriented and also likes to narrate every last ounce of minutia out of every single situation.  Thank goodness, because I got a detailed explanation.)  "Because I needed to climb up there to reach those scissors and be really careful and put some fingers on this side and some fingers on that side to cut that string off of my pj pants and then be really careful and put them back really careful and then throw that string in the trash all by myself."  WHAT?  Oh no, no, no, no.  I don't know why I'm so shocked, I did get loose with some scissors and add some fringe detailing to the hem of my mother's sheets.  I was probably the same age, but goodness.  We will be relocating the knives and hiding all scissors.  When you're two, your mom can cut any annoying stray strings for you.  Just ask.  By the way, I did go get the pj pants out of the laundry and examine them for damage... perfect string removal.  I should have known.  


We all know about yesterday and even yesteryear but at our house we have some additions to the yester family, courtesy of Stella Jane.
We have yesternight, yestermorning and my favorite yestertime.
I think I like all of these extra yesters.  They make perfect sense to me, so we're just going to use them until future reference.  Why not?

Monday, April 13, 2009


I always think I'm so tough when I'm trying to make Stella obey.  Apparently not!  Last night I was trying to get her to eat her dinner instead of the leftover Easter M&Ms she had served herself along side her food.  Michael and I were doing the usual, "Eat one bite of this and one bite of that" routine.  Then we get to the pineapple.  Pineapple is one of S's favorite fruits, but not last night.  She really didn't want to eat it at all, so I told her that she wouldn't be able to eat her M&Ms if she wasn't going to eat her pineapple.  Her reply, "Ok, Mommy.  Thats fine.  I'll obey you on Monday.  Here, come get my M&Ms."  Man.  Ok.  She is just like me.  I would always rather have a spanking than whatever the alternative was.  I guess thats what I get.
Stella has also been into the idea that she is, "growing into a mommy."  Which I guess is true.  So a few days ago she was really concentrating on "taking really good care of 'her' baby."  She fed him his entire lunch like this...     ...keep in mind that he is fully capable of feeding himself and does so at every other meal.  

the babies and our bunny cake

Cute Yatesie-Poo swinging in a diaper and shoes...
Stella doing some of her interpretive dancing to show her excitement about the Easter Egg Hunt
Yates on the way to the 2nd Annual Drop Your Infant Son In The Dirt Easter Egg Hunt (see post Big Fat Easter Britney)