Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

Its early in the day to be blogging, but I just got home from my weekly doctor visit and have nothing to report. No progress in the baby having department which is fine with me until we get through the holidays. I did not tell my doctor that we are going to Houston, so shhhh. She is not a fan.
Last night we took S and Y on a Christmas light tour. They didn't get it at first and were wanting their movie on. It took some convincing but we avoided the movie and saw some fun lights. Yates, Mr.-Cant-Stop-Talking, talked the whooooooole time. Every single phrase starts with, "Mommy..." "Mommy, whats that sound? Mommy, who's that man? Mommy, whats he 'doin doin'? Mommy, why? Why? Why? Why? Mommy, 'dook', 'dook' Mommy. Mommy, see bu-do-du. Mommy, see 'ti-ta ligh'. 'Oh MY goodness!!' Mommy, 'mo-o-cyco' go, blpplbblpplb. Mommy, go. Mommy, 'Da-da' cryin'. Mommy, ligh on. Mommy, ligh off. Mommy, 'a-a-gato' go uuuugggghhh. Mommy. 'bindow' down. Mommy, 'bindow' 'opf". Mommy, see 'ai-pane'. Mommy... mommy... mommy... mommy. And that can all be said in about 10 seconds.
So then we saw the horses. Last year we did the carriage ride thing and it was fun. Stella seemed to enjoy it, Yates had no clue. This year, I didn't plan it b/c I wasn't sure if I'd want to be trapped in a buggy behind a horse with 2 kids for an hour. Well that was stupid. The second half of the Christmas light tour was spent horse hunting. Now I'm wishing I had gone ahead and reserved a buggy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The latest...

Stella, Yates and I went to the doctor this morning for our last 2 week baby appointment. We've advanced to the once a week appointment schedule now. I kind of feel bad for my doctor having to see me Christmas Eve Eve, but I guess pregnancies don't go on holiday vacations. Everything went fine at the doctor and Stella and Yates were the best they've ever been. They even got compliments from strangers for being good. Yay! We'll keep it our little secret that Yates hit Stella for no reason about 40 times in the sono room. Anyway, Rex does not like having his heart beat listened to by that little hand held doppler thing... never has. He scares me every time because it always takes them several minutes to find his heart beat and then he runs from it the whole time they're trying to listen. I casually mentioned that he had been moving a little less, because he has and boy was that smart. I got a surprise sonogram and it was by the sonographer I like. Sounds minor, but its a big deal after the "insert this" fiasco last time. So, she measured Rex to assess his weight and he was approximately 7 lbs. The sonogram can be off one pound plus or minus, so that could mean he weighs 6-8 lbs. Seems grande to me, especially with 4 weeks left. Mind you, during the last 4 weeks the baby is supposed to gain a pound a week. That puts us at 10-12 lbs at delivery. Looooooord help me. I've been dying to post this picture since the day I got pregnant, but never could work it in. Of course Lane has the same one on her blog right now... thats just how we roll.

Thats me and Yates the night they started my induction. Hot huh? Why does pregnancy make my head so fat? Sick! Yates weighed 9lbs when he was born so I have high expections that I'm going to be even more big and fabulous in the next few weeks. Gross! Looks like triplets!

So about Yates. He will not shut up! He is hard to understand but of course we know what he's saying most of the time. Sometimes only Stella understands him but that works too. She's a great interpreter. He seriously chatters constantly and cracks himself up. Its really cute! He knows so much stuff already. I was getting him dressed yesterday and asked him what he wanted to wear without showing him any options. He said, "Ummm, bu-do-du shirt and jeans and geeen crocs." Well if that isn't specific enough. He isn't even 2 yet. He is obsessed with lemonaide (la-lan) and wants nothing else most of the time. He has the strangest eating habits. He loves deserts but not really ice cream and the things he decides to eat are so odd. He won't eat any of the typical kid stuff most of the time but prefers complicated adult food. Like the other day we had Pei Wei. The kids were sharing chicken lo mein and I had extra spicy pad thai. He refused to eat the lo mein and preferred the spicy pad thai with veggies and tofu. Sometimes he won't eat macaroni and cheese, but like last night he ate ricotta and basil ravioli with "adult" spaghetti sauce and green beans. Its pretty much a given that whatever Stella will eat, Yates will not and vice versa. When they are "finished" eating, their plates look like yin and yang.

Here's a 4 generation picture from Thanksgiving. My little mom is in the middle and her parents, Mimi and Papa are on the right.

I almost forgot. We made Christmas cookies yesterday in between folding laundry and catching Stella hanging Yates from the stair rail with a tape measure.

I'm surprised Yates didn't throw up after eating so much cookie dough.

Mr. Precision. Note the bulldozer on his shirt, the excavator on the table and that little red thing under his arm is the tape measure that was used as a noose around his neck only an hour earlier. (Don't tell him, but I accidentally sucked up one of the tracks from his excavator in the vacuum cleaner at the carwash earlier today. SHHHHLLLAAAPPP and it was gone!)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Quoting Stella and Yates #6

Seeing a family in Hawaii on tv, Stella said, "I want to go there, not to eat, but to learn that dance!" Well of course!
All set to color wonder. Her current obession.

Pink told me this about her day today with Yates and I totally see it happening. Yates is super opinionated and bossy! He tells me how to do his zipper on his jacket before his arms are even in or which hat he needs and which way he wants to wear it about breakfast time. He is also particular about which shoes go with certain outfits. Duh!
Pink and Yates were at Sams and he said he was hungry. She offered him the Sams fare of a hot dog or piece of pizza and he chose hot dog. She then asked him if he wanted to eat there at Sams or go somewhere else to eat. He told her "go." She asked him what he wanted to go eat and he told her "ma-ma-owie" (macaroni). So Pink took him to a place to get some. He then had to choose between fish, chicken and steak and the boy chose steak. So after all of that he chose and ate chicken fried steak. What a dude!

Lane let me borrow one of her camera lenses that I am wanting from Ho Ho and I'm in loooove! Yates is a little hard to catch b/c he won't be still. Stella and Sasha are happy to pose. I definitely need more practice but am super excited anyway.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

just another manic monday Meredith Wednesday

Here's a little story I forgot to write about from a couple of weeks ago. Its a long one so grab a seat.
Wednesdays are my days and I try not to let anything interfere. Both Stella and Yates have their little Parents' Day Out on Wednesday and I am free from 9:00 until 1:50. I always want to make the best use of my day whether that means I do nothing or everything. Oddly, it seems like someone is either sick on my day, or I have a doctor's appointment, or I get stuck doing something for someone else aaaallll day. This particular Wednesday was not going to be ruined. I hadn't had a good Wednesday in a long, long time and I was overdue. Tuesday Yates had fallen asleep in the car and taken a nap with the car on, so I suspected that the battery was down. Smart me thought ahead and had Michael check it and jump it late that night so that I would be problem free the next morning. Good thing because it was totally dead and he was flying out to... I never know where at 6am. We would be stranded if the car didn't work.
Wednesday comes and we have an easy morning and are hustling to the car. I get everyone all buckled in and hop in to start the car... RrrrRrrrRrrr, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. Oh no! Dead! No big deal. I am resourceful and can totally handle this. My housekeeper had just arrived so I asked her to pull her car up in the driveway so we could jump my car. (she and I are equally bad at each others' languages btw) Unfortunately my car is in the middle of the garage and would require 100' jumper cables in its position. Again, no big deal. I'll push it! So I did. Me, big-pregnant-always-having-contractions-or-thinking-my-baby-is-falling-out-me, pushed one of the biggest SUVs on the road out of the garage with my babies in it, ran (sprinted) around to keep it from smashing through the fence and got it just right for the jumper cables. My housekeeper appeared to have never opened her hood before and I am no auto mechanic. However, I was highly motivated and handled both cars like I jump cars everyday ; ). We got it jumped and were off! YAY! Not going to mess up my day!
I take everyone to their schools (just a smidge late, but great considering the workout I've already had) and leave the car running just in case. After everyone is situated, I thought, I better run it by the dealership to make sure I don't get stranded again, since Michael is... wherever he is and of course I don't want to ruin my day.
I pull straight in to the service area, no wait. My nice service guy is there ready to help and "it will just take a second." Perfect. I go to look for those cookies they always have and wait, still unphased. I wait and wait, and stare at their terrible little undecorated Christmas tree, then the news comes. "Um ma'am, your car is not safe to drive. We found a problem with the transmission and I really don't think you should take any chances... especially in your condition. Lets go get you a loaner car." Hmmm. OK. Whatever gets me out of here to enjoy my day.
We go in there, fill out all the stuff, sign here and there, and here are the keys... Oh wait, "Can I see your drivers license?" Sure. I dig and I dig and I dig and... finally find it. Weird, why was it so hard to find? Whatever. "Um ma'am, do you have another drivers license?" "No, why?" "This one is expired." Well I'll say! Exp. 2005!!! What on earth? Thats not the one... Where is my drivers license? Weird!!! Still in my unusually happy mood, I think, no big deal. I'll just call the DMV and have them fax something. Surely they can prove that I am legal to operate a motor vehicle, I mean come on, its MY day!!!
I sachet back to the waiting area to call the DMV. I find the number, completely optimistic, ring, ring, ring, "In observance of Veterans Day all facilities will be closed. Please try back during normal business hours." Veterans Day? What? Seriously? Today? Is this a joke? Can anything else go wrong? So I AM stranded afterall. I have an unsafe vehicle, my husband is... gone, I am not legal to drive an alternative vehicle, my kids are stuck at school and its MY DAY!!! Not good, not good. I go back to find my service guy and ask him to just patch the car up because I gotta go! He raises his eyebrows in the I wouldn't do that if I were you face and does it anyway.
Despite it all, I'm still thinking my day isn't a total loss. I have my car, where shall I go, better check the time... oh no... 1:30... just enough time to make it to pick up Stella.
Fabulous! Another Wednesday down the tubes.