Thursday, February 28, 2008


Tidbit number 1:

Brother has outgrown the newborn diapers and is now in 1s. Gasp! Why do mommies get so sad over bigger diaper sizes? I do know the answer, but it is so funny that we all do it and all know that it is a staple topic of conversation among mommies.

Tidbit number 2:

The graffiti aritst that I have been a huge fan of for probably 5 years actually came over to my house today!! "What?" you say. Long story, but I hunted him down and, after an arrest for his illegal artform, he has become a legitimate artist. I commissioned him to do a piece for us/me. I am sooooooo excited and can't wait to see what he comes up with. I mean look at that cute girl he graffiti-ed on a box car... Driving through Dallas and seeing something cute like that in an unexpected place is so much fun and made me love this guy. For some reason I never thought he was a real person that I would actually talk to, but he is and yay!

Just something cute about Yates:
He squeezes your hands and fingers with a serious death grip when you are holding his pacifier in his mouth for him. I think its so cute b/c it seems like he likes to hold hands. He will fall asleep holding on so tight and if you move at all he is awake and unhappy. I think he's saying, "Why did you move? We were holding hands." What a sweet boy...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh Brother...

Poor Brother... You have one nice weather day and you get wagged outside and stuck in a toy stroller...

Stella and I had him in her Baby Stella stroller in the back yard. He does not look amused, but was very sweet to let us play baby dolls with him. Baby brothers are so much fun! Stella was so proud of herself. She wanted her fingers to be touching him.

At least he got a sweet kiss for being such a good brother. Also note that this is Yates' first regular day time outfit... Doesn't he look handsome (despite the frown)? Its been so cold here, I've just kept in little sleep sacs or footed pjs. Not on the pretty weather day! The boy is in clothes!

Its only been a week, but I feel like so many little things have happened. Yates and I have gotten into a pretty good little routine and I am finally starting to feel like I know what his noises mean. He is sleeping really well and is typically waking up around 3:30 and 7. It could be way worse. Just this week he has really started to laugh and smile and talk to us. It is sooo cute! We might have another ham on our hands. As some of you may know, Yates is a thumb sucker. However, I have been determined to keep him from doing that b/c I worry about his teeth. Anyway, he doesn't really suck his thumb much at all, EXCEPT in the bathtub for some reason. It is so funny. As soon as he gets all wet in the tub, in goes the thumb. Of all places. Any and every other time he tries to find his thumb, he acts like he can't find it.

Stella is really starting to enunciate and combine words. Just since Yates got here, she has made lots of progress. We've been so proud of her for saying "Please" so well and for starting to say it so early... even though it always sounded like "pluhh." Today during lunch at Snuffers, she said, "pleeeece" I was soooo excited! Stella also started to say "Cow" instead of "Ca"... which in the past could have been cow or car. She is up to 3 and 4 words sentences, such as "No Da Sasha" (see Stella code.) She has been so sweet to Yates and very patient when she needs to be. A few days ago she put her finger inside of Yates' pacifier for him as she always sees us do. Michael and I thought it was so cute!

I'm starting to feel like I'm going to survive too. Figuring out all of the whens and hows takes some time I guess. The one thing that is going to take some serious effort on my part is not completely losing it when everyone starts screaming at once. One baby, fine... two babies, ok... two babies and a needy pet or something burning on the stove, I'm going to scream... add the phone ringing on top of that and its over! What time is it?!?!? Where is Michael?!?!? AGH! See, thats going to need some work. Thankfully, I have the best, most helpful, understanding, sweet, thoughtful, patient, easy going, cute husband in the world and 2 pretty cute and really good babies!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

... and no one died

We (The Bean, Brother and I) just conquered the grocery store together, but alone for the very first time ever!!! I'm excited and disappointed. Excited that I'm not completely helpless, but disappointed that

1. Now everyone will know that I can go to the grocery store.
2. I will probably have to go back.
3. Now I'm going to have to cook the things I bought.

It seems silly to regular people I'm sure, but this was a huge, huge deal. First you have to get everyone fed, dressed, hair fixed and poo poo, tee tee free. Then you have to load the car being sure you dont forget diapers, wipes (lots of each - especially the little ones), pacifiers, burp cloths, a blanket, the list, purses, the little animals Stella is gripping, cell phone, "Da" AND "Mla-Mla," keys, dry cleaning, kleenex for Bean's runny nose and the babies. Then you have them in the car and think, "Well, I better do everything I can do while I have them all strapped in." So you waste so much time at the cleaners etc that your worried that the sleeping baby will wake up and the awake baby will fall asleep, they're both hungry and dirty now for sure and this grocery shop is going to be a disaster... at least thats what went through my head. I envisioned getting about five things then having to make a run for it.

Amazingly, nothing really bad happened. Stella did stock her Mama on a shelf, insist on opening and eating the goldfish, spill a package of blueberries and walk through them in the checkout line, sneak 2 BIG snickers onto the conveyor belt, then refuse to walk to the car and staged her own little sit in in the parking lot. Yeah, she just sat down right on the concrete with moving vehicles being driven by oooold people with poor eyesight whizzing all around. I tried the "Bye Bye, we're going to car" thing and she was completely fine with it. So... we had to go to the car and go back for her once Brother was in the car. ( I dont know how to carry the baby carrier and the big baby at the same time yet.)

Somehow we made it home, unloaded the groceries and got them in the right spots (or close enough) with only a little crying... and no one died!!!
The picture is of Stella having some pizza @ Will's Chuck E. Cheese birthday party last weekend.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Second Attempt

So, saying its been a while would be a pretty serious understatement...

Last Post: pre-Stella
This Post: Yates is here

I have no idea how or when good bloggers find the time to do this on a regular basis, but I'm going to try to give it another shot. Maybe since I'm glued to couch holding Yates and/or trying to rewind whatever song just ended on Sesame Street, I can squeeze in a little blog or two.
I just got Stella (who is sick) down for her nap and tried to write some thank you notes while holding Yates (he hated that idea). So now I'm still holding Yates and trying to type. I guess there's no such thing as doing one thing at a time anymore. I should have caught on to that while trying to potty holding one baby and having a conversation with a 19 month old all at the same time. Hopefully I will get into a rhythm and will figure this 2 baby thing out, but for now, I'm about 90% clueless. I have just enough of whatever it takes to keep us all from starving to death and in clean diapers and clothes.

So the excitement of the day today happened when I called the doctor to ask them what I should be doing with a sick toddler and a newborn in the same house. They were kind enough to instruct me to keep Stella away from Yates. Ooohhh... ok. I'll do that. Impossible! Poor babies. Seriously, what am I supposed to do? I can only wash hands and Purell, I guess. I just really, really, really hope Brother doesn't get sick. Its bad enough seeing Stella being sick. We'll see.

Here are the babies...

Stella watching "Sessy" with her purse, my shoes and no pants and Yates sleeping with Daddy. Aren't they cute!