Wednesday, February 20, 2008

... and no one died

We (The Bean, Brother and I) just conquered the grocery store together, but alone for the very first time ever!!! I'm excited and disappointed. Excited that I'm not completely helpless, but disappointed that

1. Now everyone will know that I can go to the grocery store.
2. I will probably have to go back.
3. Now I'm going to have to cook the things I bought.

It seems silly to regular people I'm sure, but this was a huge, huge deal. First you have to get everyone fed, dressed, hair fixed and poo poo, tee tee free. Then you have to load the car being sure you dont forget diapers, wipes (lots of each - especially the little ones), pacifiers, burp cloths, a blanket, the list, purses, the little animals Stella is gripping, cell phone, "Da" AND "Mla-Mla," keys, dry cleaning, kleenex for Bean's runny nose and the babies. Then you have them in the car and think, "Well, I better do everything I can do while I have them all strapped in." So you waste so much time at the cleaners etc that your worried that the sleeping baby will wake up and the awake baby will fall asleep, they're both hungry and dirty now for sure and this grocery shop is going to be a disaster... at least thats what went through my head. I envisioned getting about five things then having to make a run for it.

Amazingly, nothing really bad happened. Stella did stock her Mama on a shelf, insist on opening and eating the goldfish, spill a package of blueberries and walk through them in the checkout line, sneak 2 BIG snickers onto the conveyor belt, then refuse to walk to the car and staged her own little sit in in the parking lot. Yeah, she just sat down right on the concrete with moving vehicles being driven by oooold people with poor eyesight whizzing all around. I tried the "Bye Bye, we're going to car" thing and she was completely fine with it. So... we had to go to the car and go back for her once Brother was in the car. ( I dont know how to carry the baby carrier and the big baby at the same time yet.)

Somehow we made it home, unloaded the groceries and got them in the right spots (or close enough) with only a little crying... and no one died!!!
The picture is of Stella having some pizza @ Will's Chuck E. Cheese birthday party last weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mer-

glad to see you are blogging....yeah the market thing, i have no idea how i am going to do mom is still here right now so i have help. as of monday i have no clue what i am going to do :) glad to know someone else is 90% clueless at this as well :)


Victor, Wendi & Ella said...

Girl your kids are adorable! Just like you! I hope you are doing well! XXOO~Wendi