Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh Brother...

Poor Brother... You have one nice weather day and you get wagged outside and stuck in a toy stroller...

Stella and I had him in her Baby Stella stroller in the back yard. He does not look amused, but was very sweet to let us play baby dolls with him. Baby brothers are so much fun! Stella was so proud of herself. She wanted her fingers to be touching him.

At least he got a sweet kiss for being such a good brother. Also note that this is Yates' first regular day time outfit... Doesn't he look handsome (despite the frown)? Its been so cold here, I've just kept in little sleep sacs or footed pjs. Not on the pretty weather day! The boy is in clothes!

Its only been a week, but I feel like so many little things have happened. Yates and I have gotten into a pretty good little routine and I am finally starting to feel like I know what his noises mean. He is sleeping really well and is typically waking up around 3:30 and 7. It could be way worse. Just this week he has really started to laugh and smile and talk to us. It is sooo cute! We might have another ham on our hands. As some of you may know, Yates is a thumb sucker. However, I have been determined to keep him from doing that b/c I worry about his teeth. Anyway, he doesn't really suck his thumb much at all, EXCEPT in the bathtub for some reason. It is so funny. As soon as he gets all wet in the tub, in goes the thumb. Of all places. Any and every other time he tries to find his thumb, he acts like he can't find it.

Stella is really starting to enunciate and combine words. Just since Yates got here, she has made lots of progress. We've been so proud of her for saying "Please" so well and for starting to say it so early... even though it always sounded like "pluhh." Today during lunch at Snuffers, she said, "pleeeece" I was soooo excited! Stella also started to say "Cow" instead of "Ca"... which in the past could have been cow or car. She is up to 3 and 4 words sentences, such as "No Da Sasha" (see Stella code.) She has been so sweet to Yates and very patient when she needs to be. A few days ago she put her finger inside of Yates' pacifier for him as she always sees us do. Michael and I thought it was so cute!

I'm starting to feel like I'm going to survive too. Figuring out all of the whens and hows takes some time I guess. The one thing that is going to take some serious effort on my part is not completely losing it when everyone starts screaming at once. One baby, fine... two babies, ok... two babies and a needy pet or something burning on the stove, I'm going to scream... add the phone ringing on top of that and its over! What time is it?!?!? Where is Michael?!?!? AGH! See, thats going to need some work. Thankfully, I have the best, most helpful, understanding, sweet, thoughtful, patient, easy going, cute husband in the world and 2 pretty cute and really good babies!

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ariele post said...

i am so jealous that you were able to go outside!!!! today it is like 8 degrees and we are supposed to get 8 inches of snow!!!!!! i wish i was in dallas with you, our little ones would be so cute together!