Sunday, June 29, 2008

Quoting Stella #1

When the pizza man brought our Sunday night pizza this evening, Stella fondly looked at Michael and then sweetly said to me,

"Daddy, pizza, so happy." 

For those of you who don't know, pizza is one of Michael's favorite things in the whole world.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Naptime Bliss and Grocery Store Issues

Ok, I am so confused! I haven't wanted to say anything b/c as soon as I do it will all get messed up, but... Yates and Stella have been taking naps at the same time (without being held the entire time) for 3 days now! I don't know what to do with myself. As usuall, I have so many things that I want to do, that I can't think. I don't know what to do. Yesterday I got to write all of my super tardy thank you notes - uninterupted! Amazing. I hope this isn't a temporary situation. I could really use some time to do all of my 2 handed jobs.
Not the most flattering picture or outfit, but man he was having fun!
Stella hugging Sasha.  We're currently experiencing some pacifier regression...
Two clean babies and one big pink "mamma."

So the latest... Yates got his first tooth last Saturday. He has been teething for a while and it is much harder for him than it was for Stella. She never had any teething symptoms, but Yates has them all. Poor little dude. I was kind of hoping that him hating to ride in the car and teething were related, but I think he just hates the car. Each time I try to put him in his infant seat, he arches his back and cries and cries. Once we make it to the car, he screams and cries the entire time we drive until he just gives up and passes out. That is usually when we are turning into our driveway or something. If you see me driving, you should stay as far away as possible b/c I probably have my left arm twisted behind my seat trying to console Yates with a toy or by letting him chew my finger. And yeah, my whole arm falls asleep. Maybe he'll get moved into a big boy carseat really soon, like Stella did.

Here's a quick story. Its kind of insensitive, but here I go. So yesterday was exhausting! My car said it was 111 outside at one point and here I am wagging two babies. Sweaty!! So we go to the grocery store, which I HATE doing and it really wasn't too bad until the end. Stella ran beside the cart the whole time and was very good and I carried Yates b/c of the hating the infant seat situation. Anyway no drama until we are putting the groceries in the car. Let me just add here that one of the things I don't deal with well at the grocery store is the special needs people. No offense, but I generally don't have the time to chit chat about your cat or Vietnam or whatever. Thats mean, but I am on a serious mission at the grocery store and the faster we are in and out the better it is for everyone! So I never ever ever want help taking the groceries to the car b/c when I have done that in the past, the special needs people wont go away. They put the groceries in the car all messy and then just hang out when I'm needing to get these babies in their car seats and get the air conditioner going for Pete's sake! So (whew), I declined help to the car, as usual and one guy followed me out anyway. I was holding Y still and S was standing in the big part of the cart, completely safe. I had all of the bags in but one and this guy came and put the last bag in. Great, thanks, bye-bye. Nope! He then proceeds to pick up my daughter, take her out of the buggy and put her down in the parking lot! No big deal you say? Oh yes it is. #1 No strange men need to be touching my daughter anywhere for any reason. #2 Now I have a 2 year old loose in the parking lot and a buggy and a 5 month old on my hip and a special needs dude arguing with me. ugh! He says to me. "She was going to fall out, she was kind of wobbly in there." Forgive me, but I was not nice and said. She was completely fine and I did not want you picking her up and taking her out of the cart. "Well, she was going to fall," he says, "and Tom Thumb doesn't like to take any chances." Oh really Tom Thumb? I didn't say that, but did try to calmly say, "Thats fine, but I did not want my 2 year old out of the cart and free to run around in the parking lot." "Well have a good day anyway," he says. ugh...ok.

You know, the more I think about it, I think I should really keep an eye on that guy. He bothers me every time we go there and I thought it was just me being mean and annoyed, but he absolutely had no reason to follow us to the car.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

not bragging...

Every few days I kind of quiz Stella to see what all she knows.  I really never know what all she has picked up from day to day.  That 95th percentile head must have a lot of brains in it.  I really don't mean to brag, I just want to be able to remember this.  I just finished "quizzing" her on the alphabet.  She knows all of her letters even the "big ones and little ones."  She knows all of her colors: primaries, pastels and even metallics.  She knows her numbers 1-10 and can count to ten.  She knows more animals than anyone really needs to know, the sounds they make and what letters many of them start with. She is very close to being able to spell her name.  Right now we are stuck at S-T-E-L.  I am just trying to keep up and don't want to waste any of this super absorbent time.  
Not knowing what to do next, Michael bought her a US map/puzzle for ages 8 and up.  We thought it would just be a toy for now... oh no.  She can identify 10 states and tell you who is from each one.  In her terms: Texas (Pink, Bop, Mommy, Brother, Stella) Louisiana (Daddy (he was born there)), Oklahoma (Grandma Q), Indiana (Gigi), Kansas (Gabby), Utah (Aunt Annie and Uncle "Teve"), Colorado (Uncle Tim), Florida (Mickey Mouse), Georgia (Tiffany) and California (its just big and purple thus easy to remember).  
I am very proud of her of course, but am completely floored at the things she knows.  Maybe this is normal.  I have no idea.  Oh! AND last night while I was composing this post, Stella was eating a biscuit.  She bit it into the shape of a dog and was trying to tell us that it was a puppy.  We were like, no that's a biscuit.  She kept saying, "No, puppy!"  We looked and sure enough it looked exactly like a dog!  What?!  So weird.  I freaked out and tried to take a picture, but she bit its head off before I could get the camera.  Who knows what she'll do next.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

This and that...

"Mommy! car wash blue boong (balloon)..."  Is what Stella told me while this picture was being taken.  She officially turned 2 over the weekend and is so hilarious.  She tries to make sentences and the things she thinks! So funny!  One of her favorite things to say, "Mommy hair mess. Fix hair."  Where did she learn that I wonder?  

Little Yates : )  is such a sweet boy!  He has started rolling over and has also started going to Little Gym.  I was a little skeptical about a 4 month old doing the exercises at Little Gym, but Yates loves it.  They do lots of front flips and he has even hung on to the overhead bar.  What a strong little dude!  Yates loves to put his feet up on his bouncy chair!  
Daddy went out of town and we had a slumber party in the "big bed."
Yates after one of his new roll over maneuvers.