Wednesday, June 11, 2008

not bragging...

Every few days I kind of quiz Stella to see what all she knows.  I really never know what all she has picked up from day to day.  That 95th percentile head must have a lot of brains in it.  I really don't mean to brag, I just want to be able to remember this.  I just finished "quizzing" her on the alphabet.  She knows all of her letters even the "big ones and little ones."  She knows all of her colors: primaries, pastels and even metallics.  She knows her numbers 1-10 and can count to ten.  She knows more animals than anyone really needs to know, the sounds they make and what letters many of them start with. She is very close to being able to spell her name.  Right now we are stuck at S-T-E-L.  I am just trying to keep up and don't want to waste any of this super absorbent time.  
Not knowing what to do next, Michael bought her a US map/puzzle for ages 8 and up.  We thought it would just be a toy for now... oh no.  She can identify 10 states and tell you who is from each one.  In her terms: Texas (Pink, Bop, Mommy, Brother, Stella) Louisiana (Daddy (he was born there)), Oklahoma (Grandma Q), Indiana (Gigi), Kansas (Gabby), Utah (Aunt Annie and Uncle "Teve"), Colorado (Uncle Tim), Florida (Mickey Mouse), Georgia (Tiffany) and California (its just big and purple thus easy to remember).  
I am very proud of her of course, but am completely floored at the things she knows.  Maybe this is normal.  I have no idea.  Oh! AND last night while I was composing this post, Stella was eating a biscuit.  She bit it into the shape of a dog and was trying to tell us that it was a puppy.  We were like, no that's a biscuit.  She kept saying, "No, puppy!"  We looked and sure enough it looked exactly like a dog!  What?!  So weird.  I freaked out and tried to take a picture, but she bit its head off before I could get the camera.  Who knows what she'll do next.

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