Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Where's Stella?

So we're only hours away from our due date with no action at all. Delivery Jealousy mounts every day. First we had Gwen and Gavin... I know they were due in June, then Brangelina... I know they were too, followed by my own OB/GYN... who was due 3 days after me for a fact and that would be June also. Now we have the neighbor, Emily... originally due after me and now scheduled for a c-section on Thursday. That is June and of course perfectly fine, but I thought my baby was coming in May??? She is just a baby however... I shouldn't expect her to already know her months.
Today we had a doctors appointment and got our "membranes stripped." Yes it was as bad as it sounds, but hopefully it will help us toward our goal. If not we get to go back for round 2 on Thursday.
We've tried everything else on the planet: staying vertical, staying horizontal, staying active, staying inactive, eating an entire pineapple, having an all sports session in the backyard (softball, basketball, football, even badminton), 2 hour power walks, bike rides and most recently and desperately the breast pump and castor oil.
You'd think I would stop and say to myself, "Hmmm, it appears that this baby is not ready to come out." But no. For some reason the thought lingers that I just might, by some teeny tiny chance, have some influence on when I get to have this baby. Unfortunately, logic is out the window, but so is sleeping. What can you do?

Monday, April 17, 2006

Baby Class 3, Hospital Tour, and Work from home-ish

Today... Monday.... ewww, but "Baby Class" usually makes up for the Monday factor. Today's baby class was very real. Lots of episiotomy and tearing talk. Poor Michael couldn't wait for the next topic. Luckily I realized in the nic of time that one of our classmates, a fellow daddy to be, looks a little too much like Dwight Shrute from The Office. We got to giggle about that for a good hour. We learned all about where to go in the hospital and saw all of our room choices. Be forewarned... the curtains are so, so, so bad and the tvs actually have "wood" sides and KNOBs to change the channel!!! Wow. Good thing we aren't going to be there for the decor.
Everything else about class was quite normal. The Samoans were very kissy, as always; The Tall Skinny's asked questions that they already knew the answers to so they could nod in approval; The Teacher, Leah Sawyer, did her usual thing, but no acting out a contraction today : (; The Yucks were yuck and the She Yuck lifted her t-shirt sleeve, as she has done every class, to show her home done 10" rose tattoo and pouted the rest of the time; Circlage made sure everyone knew again that she has a circlage... nothing new... oh wait. We found out that the Germans hadn't been to class b/c She German went into early labor at 29 weeks and is now on bedrest.

Now this work from home thing isn't going exactly how I had planned. After discussing it today, it sounds like I will be able to work from home all of 3 days before I had planned to start my maternity leave any way. Oh well. We'll see what actually happens. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and the A/C in my office will be working. Yes... thats right... no A/C for the pregnant girl. Why would I want to work from home??? hmmm...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

on your mark... get set...

well here we go. i have been wanting to start a "baby blog" for a while and just never could seem to get it done. my hope is to use this space to capture thoughts and moments that i want to remember. we'll see how i do : )