Thursday, July 30, 2009


So within the last 48 hours Stella has revealed two of her new tricks to me.

#1 Last night she was telling me all of the things we did throughout the day and it went like this: "First we played in the playroom, check. Then we took Yates to the dr., check. Then we ate lunch, check. Then we took a nap, check. Then we..., check and the list went on and on followed by "checks." These "checks" were very quiet and subtle and I didn't catch on at first. Once I did, I said, "Are you saying check?" And she was like yes, obviously, duh! I do not say check. Who taught her check? Anyway, she's made a couple other "check" lists since then. Seems to work well for her, so on we go.

#2 At dinner the other day the non-stop-chatter-box-Stella was just rambling on and on and on and somewhere in her ramble threw in: "One plus one 'means' two. One plus two 'means' three. One plus three 'means' four." ...and on and on. Again, I do not walk around reciting addition nor did not teach her addition. Who taught her addition?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

no body panic...

... baby bird update. So I freaked out about those baby birds being abandoned big time and called umpteen thousand wild (and not so wild) animal rescue agencies. Strangely, no one took my call at 3 on Saturday. I finally found one woman (who I believe was using a tin can phone from the sound of it) that knew someone I could call. I ran for a pen to jot down the number and low and behold, there was daddy bird with a little bug in his mouth. Those goofy birds were almost rescued! I think they're all doing ok. I have an eye dropper loaded with water in it ready for any other signs of neglect or heat exhaustion. I'm watching!!!

Yates Apres Nap
Over the weekend we went to the pool with our daddy and to our first family movie! The pool was great until we had a major poo poo explosion. It was seriously erupting out of the back of Y's swim diaper. We were that family. Luckily the lifeguards weren't paying any attention at all and we were able to recover. I stripped Y in the grass, doused him with buckets of water. He walked over and layed down on the concrete face down, spread eagle, like he was being arrested. Don't know why, but it was funny. I am pretty sure I got poop on my face somewhere along the way. It was sick!

My little artist drew a DUCK!!!
The movie was a surprising success. I didn't realize Ice Age was 3D and briefly considered those glasses causing some drama, but it wasn't too bad. S didn't want to wear hers at first, but gave in and really enjoyed the movie. Y sat in my lap and ate pickles and popcorn with his glasses on for about 50 minutes and that was about all he could take. M and I took turns playing with him in the hallway for the rest of the movie.

Happy Yates cruising on his bike
Sunday S and Y did their first large scale painting. It is precious! I love it and we hung it above Stella's bed. I'll have to add a picture of it later. A couple other quick things. Y geronimo'd out of his crib at nap time over the weekend. Not good. Stella announced that she would like to learn how to take really good pictures with a real camera, has started doing simple addition in her head and drawing real things. That girl. Today she is consumed with the idea that we are throwing a big huge party for the Olsons, that we need to decorate the house, get everyone a gift and make a cake. Really, we're just having them over for dinner and she is wanting to turn it into a major event.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh no...

All 4 eggs have hatched and now we have 4 little squirmy skin covered peanuts in our plant with no mommy or daddy! I haven't seen Mr or Mrs Bird all day! Where are they? Are they on a date or at the grocery store? I am so worried that they have abandoned the babies! Should I sit on them? Rustle up some worms for them? Call some bird rescue people? Really its bad. They are laying in there with their mouths open and its HOT out there. This is bad bad bad.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Light at the (front) end of the tunnel

waiting for daddy to come home from work

Where does the time go? Is it me or is it almost August already. I don't want summer to be over, but this heat is really ridiculous. It feels the same outside as it does when you open up the hot oven. That is too hot. People don't need to be in oven temperatures. Especially little baby people or pregnant people that have to drag little baby people around with them all the time. I guess I should just get used to it. I probably wont even cool off this winter. Winter 07, while pregnant with Yates, I never cooled off and never wore a coat at all- couldn't even bear the thought. Here we go again... the hot pregnant winter of 09. Yay. It really is ok, I guess. You only need the coat from the car to the store, then you have to deal with holding onto it the rest of the time you are inside.
Can I vent for a second? Is everyone soooo weird? Why do I have to repeatedly scream my order to the drive through people? Can't they hear in there? Are they in there laughing at me? I think they are. Can those same people make change for cash? No! Doesn't the cash register tell them how much money to hand me? So really all they have to do is count, right? There must be more to it on their side of the window b/c it seems awfully difficult. We had a little experience at chick-fil-a today. We choose them b/c they give us fruit to offset our fried chicken but today, ugh. I finished yelling my order. (Simple, no extras or cut this or add that, just plain nuggets and drinks) and they're like, "....what?" What, what? So we do it again and again. We pull around and they have arranged this motley array of drinks for us. They had every size of styrofoam cup they offer lined up there with all sorts of drinks in them. I didn't order those. Luckily we had just picked up Pink from her Cellular-Regenerative-Electro-Shock-Pain-Relief- On-a-Sonogram-Stick whatever it is. She was quite relaxed and thought the ordeal was hilarious. I said, look at those drinks and she lost it. I'm glad she got a good laugh. This rant could go on for ages. I'll just stop. I'm sorry.

Heres another one real quick... Do I have to hear the details of strangers' lives for some particular reason? It seems like everywhere I go I get hung up listening to someone that I don't even know tell me about their conception nightmares or how their husband is worried about money or what their father's occupation is or how they got their middle name. I always make immediate however short term best friendships with strangers. I do understand that everyone's details are very important to them but I honestly don't need all of that information and I'd really like to have a couple of seconds with quiet going into my ears. I sound mean, but really... what do I do?

I'm finished with that, so here are some happy parts.
First of all, I am finally feeling better. What a huge relief! I'm back to making/keeping my list and marking things off and getting things accomplished. I'm not a useless naseous lump after all. Hallelujah.
Secondly, we have been keeping watch over this tiny little mommy bird who chose one of our porch plants to build her nest in. She laid 4 teeny tiny eggs in her little tennis ball sized nest and the babies and I have been "keeping them safe" ever since we discovered them. (It does seem like something (cat/dog/storm) always happens to little bird eggs and I reeealllly wanted "ours" to hatch.) Sasha is obviously very concerned about our little adopted family too b/c she worries about them lots between her naps. Anyway, two of the babies hatched today! Yay! We saw the mommy chirping and rushing around with worms and new that the chicks must have hatched. The daddy bird is excited too. He is actually sitting on the nest right now. I didn't realize daddy birds did that. He's probably been thinking what all daddies think about newborns/eggs, "when are they going to do something?"

can you see those tiny little wings? they're like a single strand of feather. weird!
Yesterday we went to the pool and had a really good time. Stella is 100% independent in the pool. I am amazed. She loves her floaties and does a fabulous job swimming around. Its so cute. Yates isn't quite a swimmer but he really wants to be. In the mean time he does love the sprinkler park. Fun for all!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Viva La Mexico

Warning: Cute daddy video
Michael and I just got back from a much needed adult vacation to Cabo. It was so nice and so relaxing and baby free, well minus #3 I guess. He/she was there for sure, making all of my food taste funny and my tummy all weird. We struggled through.
The babies spent the week with Gigi and Gabby and had a great time.
We were very glad to see each other after the week apart and tomorrow its back to reality.
This weekend we got to see some good old friends from high school. Angela and Reyes and their two precious boys Kaden and Kingston. It was great to see them.
Last night we went to a Las Colinas rooftop with S and Y to see some fireworks and got a big surprise. We were able to see about 7 different city's fireworks. It was fun and definitely something we'll have to remember for next year.
I don't have any good new pictures, so here are some from 1 year ago.