Thursday, July 30, 2009


So within the last 48 hours Stella has revealed two of her new tricks to me.

#1 Last night she was telling me all of the things we did throughout the day and it went like this: "First we played in the playroom, check. Then we took Yates to the dr., check. Then we ate lunch, check. Then we took a nap, check. Then we..., check and the list went on and on followed by "checks." These "checks" were very quiet and subtle and I didn't catch on at first. Once I did, I said, "Are you saying check?" And she was like yes, obviously, duh! I do not say check. Who taught her check? Anyway, she's made a couple other "check" lists since then. Seems to work well for her, so on we go.

#2 At dinner the other day the non-stop-chatter-box-Stella was just rambling on and on and on and somewhere in her ramble threw in: "One plus one 'means' two. One plus two 'means' three. One plus three 'means' four." ...and on and on. Again, I do not walk around reciting addition nor did not teach her addition. Who taught her addition?

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