Tuesday, July 28, 2009

no body panic...

... baby bird update. So I freaked out about those baby birds being abandoned big time and called umpteen thousand wild (and not so wild) animal rescue agencies. Strangely, no one took my call at 3 on Saturday. I finally found one woman (who I believe was using a tin can phone from the sound of it) that knew someone I could call. I ran for a pen to jot down the number and low and behold, there was daddy bird with a little bug in his mouth. Those goofy birds were almost rescued! I think they're all doing ok. I have an eye dropper loaded with water in it ready for any other signs of neglect or heat exhaustion. I'm watching!!!

Yates Apres Nap
Over the weekend we went to the pool with our daddy and to our first family movie! The pool was great until we had a major poo poo explosion. It was seriously erupting out of the back of Y's swim diaper. We were that family. Luckily the lifeguards weren't paying any attention at all and we were able to recover. I stripped Y in the grass, doused him with buckets of water. He walked over and layed down on the concrete face down, spread eagle, like he was being arrested. Don't know why, but it was funny. I am pretty sure I got poop on my face somewhere along the way. It was sick!

My little artist drew a DUCK!!!
The movie was a surprising success. I didn't realize Ice Age was 3D and briefly considered those glasses causing some drama, but it wasn't too bad. S didn't want to wear hers at first, but gave in and really enjoyed the movie. Y sat in my lap and ate pickles and popcorn with his glasses on for about 50 minutes and that was about all he could take. M and I took turns playing with him in the hallway for the rest of the movie.

Happy Yates cruising on his bike
Sunday S and Y did their first large scale painting. It is precious! I love it and we hung it above Stella's bed. I'll have to add a picture of it later. A couple other quick things. Y geronimo'd out of his crib at nap time over the weekend. Not good. Stella announced that she would like to learn how to take really good pictures with a real camera, has started doing simple addition in her head and drawing real things. That girl. Today she is consumed with the idea that we are throwing a big huge party for the Olsons, that we need to decorate the house, get everyone a gift and make a cake. Really, we're just having them over for dinner and she is wanting to turn it into a major event.

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Lane Olson said...

i forgot to look at the baby birds! you really need some more mouths to feed ;) what a good mama. dinner was great. thanks for having us.