Thursday, July 23, 2009

Light at the (front) end of the tunnel

waiting for daddy to come home from work

Where does the time go? Is it me or is it almost August already. I don't want summer to be over, but this heat is really ridiculous. It feels the same outside as it does when you open up the hot oven. That is too hot. People don't need to be in oven temperatures. Especially little baby people or pregnant people that have to drag little baby people around with them all the time. I guess I should just get used to it. I probably wont even cool off this winter. Winter 07, while pregnant with Yates, I never cooled off and never wore a coat at all- couldn't even bear the thought. Here we go again... the hot pregnant winter of 09. Yay. It really is ok, I guess. You only need the coat from the car to the store, then you have to deal with holding onto it the rest of the time you are inside.
Can I vent for a second? Is everyone soooo weird? Why do I have to repeatedly scream my order to the drive through people? Can't they hear in there? Are they in there laughing at me? I think they are. Can those same people make change for cash? No! Doesn't the cash register tell them how much money to hand me? So really all they have to do is count, right? There must be more to it on their side of the window b/c it seems awfully difficult. We had a little experience at chick-fil-a today. We choose them b/c they give us fruit to offset our fried chicken but today, ugh. I finished yelling my order. (Simple, no extras or cut this or add that, just plain nuggets and drinks) and they're like, "....what?" What, what? So we do it again and again. We pull around and they have arranged this motley array of drinks for us. They had every size of styrofoam cup they offer lined up there with all sorts of drinks in them. I didn't order those. Luckily we had just picked up Pink from her Cellular-Regenerative-Electro-Shock-Pain-Relief- On-a-Sonogram-Stick whatever it is. She was quite relaxed and thought the ordeal was hilarious. I said, look at those drinks and she lost it. I'm glad she got a good laugh. This rant could go on for ages. I'll just stop. I'm sorry.

Heres another one real quick... Do I have to hear the details of strangers' lives for some particular reason? It seems like everywhere I go I get hung up listening to someone that I don't even know tell me about their conception nightmares or how their husband is worried about money or what their father's occupation is or how they got their middle name. I always make immediate however short term best friendships with strangers. I do understand that everyone's details are very important to them but I honestly don't need all of that information and I'd really like to have a couple of seconds with quiet going into my ears. I sound mean, but really... what do I do?

I'm finished with that, so here are some happy parts.
First of all, I am finally feeling better. What a huge relief! I'm back to making/keeping my list and marking things off and getting things accomplished. I'm not a useless naseous lump after all. Hallelujah.
Secondly, we have been keeping watch over this tiny little mommy bird who chose one of our porch plants to build her nest in. She laid 4 teeny tiny eggs in her little tennis ball sized nest and the babies and I have been "keeping them safe" ever since we discovered them. (It does seem like something (cat/dog/storm) always happens to little bird eggs and I reeealllly wanted "ours" to hatch.) Sasha is obviously very concerned about our little adopted family too b/c she worries about them lots between her naps. Anyway, two of the babies hatched today! Yay! We saw the mommy chirping and rushing around with worms and new that the chicks must have hatched. The daddy bird is excited too. He is actually sitting on the nest right now. I didn't realize daddy birds did that. He's probably been thinking what all daddies think about newborns/eggs, "when are they going to do something?"

can you see those tiny little wings? they're like a single strand of feather. weird!
Yesterday we went to the pool and had a really good time. Stella is 100% independent in the pool. I am amazed. She loves her floaties and does a fabulous job swimming around. Its so cute. Yates isn't quite a swimmer but he really wants to be. In the mean time he does love the sprinkler park. Fun for all!

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