Sunday, July 05, 2009

Viva La Mexico

Warning: Cute daddy video
Michael and I just got back from a much needed adult vacation to Cabo. It was so nice and so relaxing and baby free, well minus #3 I guess. He/she was there for sure, making all of my food taste funny and my tummy all weird. We struggled through.
The babies spent the week with Gigi and Gabby and had a great time.
We were very glad to see each other after the week apart and tomorrow its back to reality.
This weekend we got to see some good old friends from high school. Angela and Reyes and their two precious boys Kaden and Kingston. It was great to see them.
Last night we went to a Las Colinas rooftop with S and Y to see some fireworks and got a big surprise. We were able to see about 7 different city's fireworks. It was fun and definitely something we'll have to remember for next year.
I don't have any good new pictures, so here are some from 1 year ago.

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