Thursday, August 06, 2009

am I snoring...

Its nap time and I want a nap too.
Why am I typing?
I don't know.
Oh wait, I do know.
Because if I close my eyes someone will call my name from upstairs.
Yep, thats it.
If I prolong my sleepy misery, I can also prolong the shhhhhh-nothing-sound I am enjoying.

Since I'm here... we had a fun birthday party across the street today for Alice Anne's 1st birthday. The babies all played and had so much fun pulling out every last toy that the Belfs own. Sorry Emily. I know how much fun it is to re-sort every last bristle block, plastic food part, puzzle piece, ball and Little Person into the correct retentive container. I do it too.

Going to Alice Anne's Birthday Party
Yates got his first bloody nose and a busted lip courtesy of sister dear at the party. Just as I was saying, "Stop! Do not let get go of that or it will..." she let a baby swing that she was holding above her head of course fly. Poor little Y was positioned at the apex of that swinging pendulum's path. (That sounds nerdy, engineer daddy must be rubbing off on me ; ) It hit him hard and his little head snapped back. Fabulous. Nothing like getting smashed in the mouth and nose by a big red swing. Stella cried more than Y because she got in trouble for not obeying. Yates just said, "swing. mouth. swing. nose..." over and over until we got home and on to the next thing.

Here's an update on those blasted birds. They're gone. All of them, and I have to say, I'm glad. (Minus one carcass on the porch, SICK) They were starting to get on my nerves; bad manners, rude, loud. Those 4 eggs turned into 1, yes 1, and only 1 bird. The mommy and daddy made millions of trips wagging worms, bugs and lizards to those babies and only one made it. They probably shouldn't have gone on vacation way back there when those birds hatched. And you know what the baby birds did? They pushed their sick siblings out of the nest until they fell to the ground! Thats when I broke up with the birds. I know they're animals, but that is mean. I was trying to give them space and let them do their thing, no more. Now I can water my poor plant and feed my own babies without having to be separated by a pane of glass from a no manners animal family trying to do the same thing.

Pregnancy update. Went to the doctor yesterday. Was trying to finagle a sonogram to find out the sex of the baby and it back fired in a big bad way. It went down a path I was not wanting to go down and I'm pretty sure the doctor thinks I'm a nut bag now. Seriously, she gave me the number of a psychologist and an "exam". Whatever I said was wrong, wrong, wrong. I should have said, "Can I have a sonogram please?" Didn't even think of that. We are 17 weeks along and I can't believe it. Thats as good as half way. I would like to skip all of this pregnancy part and go straight to the delivery room. Any girl name ideas anyone?

play-doh Round 1

and Round 2


Lane Olson said...

oh no....poor yates. sorry we missed that episode. too bad your ex-birdie friends weren't a little more polite. i'll send my list of girl names your way...won't be getting any use of them around here ;)

Emily said...

I feel awful about the little baby's accident. Hope it's not too bad!! Fun playing with you guys. I think we were interrupted when you were starting to tell me your boy names...