Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

Its early in the day to be blogging, but I just got home from my weekly doctor visit and have nothing to report. No progress in the baby having department which is fine with me until we get through the holidays. I did not tell my doctor that we are going to Houston, so shhhh. She is not a fan.
Last night we took S and Y on a Christmas light tour. They didn't get it at first and were wanting their movie on. It took some convincing but we avoided the movie and saw some fun lights. Yates, Mr.-Cant-Stop-Talking, talked the whooooooole time. Every single phrase starts with, "Mommy..." "Mommy, whats that sound? Mommy, who's that man? Mommy, whats he 'doin doin'? Mommy, why? Why? Why? Why? Mommy, 'dook', 'dook' Mommy. Mommy, see bu-do-du. Mommy, see 'ti-ta ligh'. 'Oh MY goodness!!' Mommy, 'mo-o-cyco' go, blpplbblpplb. Mommy, go. Mommy, 'Da-da' cryin'. Mommy, ligh on. Mommy, ligh off. Mommy, 'a-a-gato' go uuuugggghhh. Mommy. 'bindow' down. Mommy, 'bindow' 'opf". Mommy, see 'ai-pane'. Mommy... mommy... mommy... mommy. And that can all be said in about 10 seconds.
So then we saw the horses. Last year we did the carriage ride thing and it was fun. Stella seemed to enjoy it, Yates had no clue. This year, I didn't plan it b/c I wasn't sure if I'd want to be trapped in a buggy behind a horse with 2 kids for an hour. Well that was stupid. The second half of the Christmas light tour was spent horse hunting. Now I'm wishing I had gone ahead and reserved a buggy.

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