Monday, January 04, 2010

No more being careful...

Yates and Stella telling Santa what they want for Christmas, a bulldozer and an art desk.

We made it! The holidays are over and I am done being careful trying to keep this baby in. I don't know what I was so worried about. If I didn't feel so crippled and could walk like a normal person, I would be 2000% sure that there was absolutely no chance I would go into labor without medical intervention. So anyway, since nothing happened and I didn't ruin anyone's Christmas or New Years with a trip to L&D I'm trying to do as much as I can to work this baby on out. (As if something can be done. Lord knows I've tried every terrible trick in the book)

Coming down for Christmas morning.
Our Christmas was fun. We did Christmas Eve here with my parents and the babies had a great time. We actually overdid it and had to hide some presents for later. I didn't even realize that could happen. Yates has since found most of his stash and has made me open them. One day he found a wrapped gift hidden in my closet. I didn't think he would even care or be curious about it, but I was very wrong. He told me to come open it while I was getting dressed and I tried to minimize it and just say no thats not for us to open right now and walk off. That didn't work at all. He then told me that it was for him and he needed it open because his name was written on it, right there by Mickey Mouse... not in quite so many words of course. I was so impressed that he recognized his name that I caved. Poor little Yates needed that present opened. He almost had a heart attack when he saw that there were camo rain boots in there from Pink and Bop. There isn't much better than boots.

Christmas Eve afternoon we had my side of the family over for dinner and with the huge blizzard they all ended up staying the night, which was fun. Its always yuck when everyone has to leave. We woke up super early Christmas day, threw the kids in the car and creeped out of icy Dallas at a break neck speed of about 35 mph. We left all of our sleeping family cozy in their beds and made it to Houston around 9. We had another fun Christmas with the Grabhams and loved seeing everyone even for a short visit. Yates got a terrible fever around dinner time which led to a pretty bad night of sleep for us all. I don't know why he always gets sick when we go see Gigi and Gabby. Its so embarrassing.

Yates and Gabby. Yates with his little rosey fever cheeks.

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