Thursday, January 21, 2010

1 week old

One week down and Rex has done some big things already such as lose his umbilical cord and his little tee tee ring. He did both yesterday, one week on the dot. Another funny thing is that when he was born his ears were stuck flat to his head at the top and didn't curl around like the top of ears do. But now, one week later, they're curled. Weird.
Yesterday, SJ was drawing a picture of Rex for him and she was telling us that she was going to write his name on the paper so he would know the picture was for him and of him. She went into detail about how she knew how to spell Rex, R-E-X, and for R you just make a P with a "slapt down line stick on it" then E, then for X, "two slapt down lines." She never stops talking, but is the sweetest sister. She loves Rex and loves to say, "Aww, look how cute baby Rex is." So sweet.

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Emily said...

Such a sweet baby boy!! I think he looks so much like Yates in all the pictures!!