Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Yates

Sunday afternoon, Yates celebrated his 2nd birthday at The Little Gym. He had a bulldozer themed party and it turned out great for everyone. Gigi and Gabby came and Gabby held Rex the whole time. It was perfect b/c he also held Yates for the duration of Stella's 2nd birthday party. I was determined to have a real party for him b/c he went to Bob's last year and skyped his Gigi and Gabby at cake time... not the best birthday for a 1 year old. This year was much better. He was so excited about his "bu-do-du pa-ty" and is still talking about it.
Here are a few pictures from his party.

Monday Yates had his 2 year checkup. Yates, Rex and I went for the check up after dropping Stella off at school and it was a breeze. Everyone was good, we made it to school in one piece, nothing major happened. Rex is such a good, easy baby. He is really making this 3 baby thing a non-issue. Yates did great at his appointment and his stats are: Height - 73%, Weight - 40%, Head - 88%.

I also need to report that the emotional rollcoaster ride only lasted for one day which is fabulous! I think I cried for several days after Yates and Stella were born. I feel so much better physically now that Rex is on the outside, I feel like a new girl! I can move my legs without wincing and can actually hustle around. Its great!! He is 2 weeks old tomorrow. Sweet, sweet boy!


Lane Olson said...

cute party! love the pic of the two RHG's....so handsome. and you sure know how to cook some good babies...any tips!?!

Ariele said...

so cute!!! sorry to have missed. hope we can meet up soon! call me!