Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Weeks Old and Yates' First Day

Rex is two weeks old today! Actually in 22 minutes he will be 2 weeks old. He had his 2 week check up today and did great. He is back up to his birth weight 9lbs 13 oz, 90%, was 90% in height and 80% in head circumference. I love our pediatrician who said today that Rex looks great other than he looks like a 2 month old. If thats the worst thing, I'll take it. Rex has been a really easy baby so far. I guess there's still a chance he could wake up and be different. He sleeps really well, eats well and is learning to be very patient with his older, louder, more demanding siblings.
Yates had his first day at Good Shepherd today. He was pretty excited about getting to go to "Stella's school." Michael and I decided to move him from his one day a week parents day out to Good Shepherd, where Stella goes. We are very happy with Good Shepherd and having them at the same school will simplify my life. Today was a little bit of a mess. I clearly did not budget enough time this morning, but thats ok. Everyone made it only a few minutes late. When I picked him up from school his teachers were very sweet and went on and on about how good Yates was and how nice his manners were. We had to put him in a class 2 age levels above where he should actually be, but the school went ahead and did it based on Stella's performance in her class. They were expecting him to be similar to her and luckily he put on a good show for everyone today! Yay, Yates! Good job!

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melissa said...

i found your blog from kelly's (lucy in the sky) blog. i just had a baby boy 2 weeks ago and have a 2.5 year old daughter. i know what you mean about your head swimming with things you need to do and therefore not resting/napping. i don't think i have rested since he arrived. rex is precious and i love the pictures kelly captured as well as your blog!