Friday, April 17, 2009

Mr. Chatty

toilet paper dust... oooohhhh...

The other night we were going to run to Best Buy after dinner to get a couple of things.  Its kind of late, completely unplanned and we know have a 50/50 chance that someone is not going to want to go or that someone will scream in his car seat the whole way.  Its always somethin'.  So trying to stave off any grumps, Michael and I are singing stupid stuff about, "Who wants to go to Best Buy, ME!!!"  over and over in the car.  So annoying...  I know, but we keep going.  "Who wants to go to Best Buy?" ... pause...  Then we hear this cute little low, low voice from the back, say, "Muuuuh."  I'm laughing as I type b/c it just doesn't type as cute as it sounded at all, but it was adorable.  Yates is just now trying to talk, but he is such a complete dude.  Its hilarious.

Neighborhood Watch

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