Monday, April 13, 2009


I always think I'm so tough when I'm trying to make Stella obey.  Apparently not!  Last night I was trying to get her to eat her dinner instead of the leftover Easter M&Ms she had served herself along side her food.  Michael and I were doing the usual, "Eat one bite of this and one bite of that" routine.  Then we get to the pineapple.  Pineapple is one of S's favorite fruits, but not last night.  She really didn't want to eat it at all, so I told her that she wouldn't be able to eat her M&Ms if she wasn't going to eat her pineapple.  Her reply, "Ok, Mommy.  Thats fine.  I'll obey you on Monday.  Here, come get my M&Ms."  Man.  Ok.  She is just like me.  I would always rather have a spanking than whatever the alternative was.  I guess thats what I get.
Stella has also been into the idea that she is, "growing into a mommy."  Which I guess is true.  So a few days ago she was really concentrating on "taking really good care of 'her' baby."  She fed him his entire lunch like this...     ...keep in mind that he is fully capable of feeding himself and does so at every other meal.  

the babies and our bunny cake

Cute Yatesie-Poo swinging in a diaper and shoes...
Stella doing some of her interpretive dancing to show her excitement about the Easter Egg Hunt
Yates on the way to the 2nd Annual Drop Your Infant Son In The Dirt Easter Egg Hunt (see post Big Fat Easter Britney)

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