Monday, September 15, 2008

Mowing, Crusing and Venting

Yates and Daddy on their 1st mower ride together.  Yes, Yates is mowing in his dinosaur pjs.  Doesn't everyone???  He looooved mowing by the way and made his little growl noise (he growls at things he likes) the whole time.  

Yates seems to be in a big hurry to walk.  Now that he figured out crawling, he seems to be on to the next thing.  His #1 mission all day every day is to get over to any and everything that he can pull up on.  He pulls up on the couch, the hearth, the ottoman, the dog, dressers, tables, a leg (if one is still for too long).  I also caught him going from the ottoman to a toy and from the ottoman to the couch.  I can't figure out if he's really trying to learn to walk or if he is just fearless.  Call me crazy, but a 7 month old baby cruising between pieces of furniture just seems odd.  He is so precious either way.  
Today we went to the new house to check on some electrical stuff (fun!) and I packed a big bowl of snacks for Stella and Yates.  Stella did a great job keeping Yates entertained and handed him cheerios and stars one by one the whole time we were there.  Yates thought it was the coolest thing to have Stella handing him snacks.  He thinks Stella is the coolest thing most of the time which is also really cute.  
A little vent for mommy:  I am coming to the realization that I am severely self deprecating.  I stress myself out over the things that I'm not doing or not doing well and obsess over how to be better.  For example, I am terrrrrrible about going to the grocery store.  I hate it.  I hate everything about it.  I don't like planning meals b/c nothing ever sounds good to eat.  I don't like wagging the kids to the store.  I never know what to buy for snacks.  I hate buying food that goes bad really fast. (Little ticking rot bombs, eww!)  I don't like how much groceries cost when you check out.  I don't like buying food that is unhealthy (but we all know thats the good stuff).  I don't like the way the grocery store smells.  I don't like the people at the grocery store.  I don't like having to run around at 3000mph to cook a meal with kids crying at my feet and hanging on my legs after I do make it to the store.  Whew.  I went to the grocery today... can you tell?
Whatever.  Today was a really good day.  Everyone was sweet.  Stella didn't have a single fit, which is amazing after her terrible last couple of weeks.  We got lots of errands run, mommy cooked dinner and everyone is bathed and in bed.  You can't ask for much more : )

I didn't have any good pictures to post so here are 3 from a year ago today : )


ariele post said...

okay so when did you start an interior design company??? fill me in and we must meet up soon!

ariele post said...

oh yeah, griffin loves to go to the market....he asks to go every day :)