Friday, September 05, 2008

"Shool and The Crawler"

Stella had her first day of school this week, on Tuesday.  She was so excited to go the day before school, but oh no.  She woke up the morning of school and was not wanting to go at all!  She cried from the moment she got out of her bed and was still crying as I walked away from her class room.  I felt like a terrible mommy b/c we had the wrong shoes.  The kids are required to wear tennis shoes and socks.  Not only is this UGLY, we didn't have any tennis shoes that fit.  I went to the mall and seriously scoured every single store.  No suitable shoes in the entire mall in her size.  You know that kid that gets in trouble for breaking the rules when its really their bad mommy's fault?  I was paranoid all day that she was going to have a note pinned to her chest or something when I picked her up that made her feel bad all because of the stupid shoes.  Guess what.  Nothing happened.  Found some shoes and we'll be ready for next week.  More importantly, when I picked her up from school it was "So much fun!"  She's been telling me that her "shool" was so much fun ever since.  Hopefully we'll have fewer tears next week.

It is always fun to have days with Yates.  To let him be first and only for a change.  I wish that he had more undivided time with us, but I guess this is just the way it is for number 2.  Luckily he is a sweet boy.  He is a sweet boy who is officially crawling, by the way.  He is also trying to pull up on things.  I think he is way too little to be doing that, but I guess he can't help himself with all of that super strength he has.  He also has these 2 little bottom teeth that keep getting bigger and they are sooo cute!  I wish I could get a good picture of them.
Today Dara and I (and our 4 kids of course) attempted to recover 6 dining room chairs for a friend/client.  What makes us think we can do these things, I do not know!  We're already outnumbered by babies.  Anyway, we were in the midst of the usual chaos, nothing out of the crazy, loud ordinary and Stella had a little melt down.  She has recently started telling me when she is sleepy and ready for a nap, so we had that little conversation and whisked her away for her nap.  She got up and we thought everything was going to be ok, but oh no!  She completely flipped out.  Sweet Michael had offered to take Shelby, Stella and Yates to the "outside park" in the wagon and had little ice creams and spoons for them to eat on the ride.  Fun, big, big fun right?  No way.  Stella screamed and cried and wouldn't let anyone go to the park at all.  She wouldn't even eat the ice cream!  What?  Craziness.  I mean she has never flipped out so bad.  I didn't even know what to do.  She was doing that wild hyperventilating cry thing (that I might have done once or twice.) I didn't even know what to do.  Any suggestions?  

Anatomy of a flip out, stage 1, 2 and 3:

After she pushed the wagon back up the driveway with Shelby and Yates calmly along for the ride, she insisted that everyone go back inside.  I got her, sat her down and tried to get her to calm down.  Eventually she calmed down enough for me to have her "help me" use the sewing machine to make the cording for the chairs.  After that she was fine, but I really thought we were going to need a straight jacket or something.  She seems too little to be having such wild freak outs and I don't know if I should spank her or hold her.  Ahhhh, the joys of motherhood : )
Speaking of motherhood... what about that Sarah Palin?  I'm a fan!  5 kids, breastfeeding working mother, son in the armed forces, pregnant teenage daughter and a down syndrome baby????  #1 How can she do all of that?  #2  Could she be a better picture of every American woman?  Brilliant choice John McCain.


ariele post said...

cute pics! i cant believe yates is getting so big. peyten is army crawling all over the place (all 14 pounds of her) . hope all is well with you guys.

Valdez Family said...
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Valdez Family said...

Ok so we have the same shoes at school rule and it is retarded! I hate socks and shoes in the summer! Not to mention the lack of cute closed toe shoes in toddler size! Nordstroms has some cute Lacoste shoes that are white and they go with everything but will be VERY dirty! You should check them out! The kids are adorable! XO~Wendi