Friday, July 25, 2008

Yates' 1/2 Birthday and (drumroll) Big Girl Panties

Yates turned 6 months old yesterday.  He has started to try solids and has had a little banana, mashed potato, and carrot.  The carrots were not his favorite.  He also got to play on the big snake at the "mall-park" yesterday (the indoor playground at the Galleria).  He loved doing that and just hit that poor snake over and over and over.  Yates has also gotten a little bit better at riding in the car.  For the past few months he has just been terrible in the car.  He would cry and scream and just get hysterical.  It was not fun at all!  Just in last couple of weeks he has gotten so much better.  
Overall he is so sweet and easy.  He is sooo strong and is trying to crawl and sit up.  He is also my biggest fan.  He stares at me all the time and acts like I am the best thing ever.  Pretty sweet.  Tonight we are going to try to make the big move.  Yes, I keep my babies in our room forever, but tonight is the night.  I may have to sit outside and drink some wine while he screams in his room.  Wish us luck.

Big sister has reached a major milestone.  We are wearing big girl panties!  Yay!  On July 16th I undressed Stella for bathtime and told her that if she needed to go potty she had to come tell me and that she could not tee tee or poo poo on the floor.  (She really likes specifics and details.)  She said, "Awww- kaaay Mommy" and the next thing you know she was tee teeing on the big potty.  Up to this point she had absolutely zero interest in any potty, big or little. We were so excited about the tee tee in the potty and she got a few jelly beans for a treat.  After the first success, I decided I would leave her diaperless while we were home so she would be more aware and it has been the easiest thing!  We have only had one accident at home (someone put a little poop on the rug).  And we have been out of the house a few times with no accidents.  We went to dinner at Nick and Sam's with Pink and Bop and made about 6 mad dashes to the potty, but that was ok.  At least we were trying.  Yesterday we went to the mall, ate dinner and played at the "mallpark" in big girl panties.  Amazing!  I am so excited about all of the diapers I am not having to change.  What a huge relief!  

Today we went to Target in big girl panties with no accident!  I can't even believe it.


Valdez Family said...

I wish Ella would show some interest, I am so over diapers!

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