Monday, July 28, 2008

Quoting Stella #2

Discussions with a two year old are... something else!

On a trip to the potty, I am holding Yates, kneeling down, trying to get Stella's panties off, her dress up and out of the way and her up onto the potty:

Stella: Mommy "hizzy!" Go potty!
Mommy:  Ok lets go.  Can you take off your panties by yourself?
Stella:  No mommy "doooze" it.
Mommy:  You're going to have to do it by yourself soon.  Mommy does it by herself.
Stella:  No, daddy "doooze" it.

Oh, really?

Poor Yates has a little cold.  I let him play on that stupid snake at the "mall park"  one time and this is what happens : (  Poor little baby!


Valdez Family said...

that is sooo funny!

ariele post said...

it was great to see you guys today! you all look fabulous! Let's do it again soon!