Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Yatesie-Poo Tidbits

I let Yates pick out a pair of shoes at Target...
Yates is working hard gearing up to be the big brother. He has been so funny lately.
  • Yesterday while I was changing his diaper he said, "Pee yeww, stink!" He is very sensitive to smells and loves to tell me when something stinks. TMI, but he actually gagged at a toot a few days ago. I thought he was really going to lose it. Of course I got tickled and almost fell over from my precarious squatting-while-holding-one-baby-and-helping-another-on-the-potty position.
Our black haired baby Yates
  • Later on yesterday we heard Stella coming downstairs from her nap and I said, "Here comes Stella." He looked at me and smiled and said, "Bean."
  • After that I was asking him if he wanted to show daddy his new digger toy and he said, "Daddy work, daddy home." I understood that to mean, "I can't tell Daddy because he's at work. I'll tell him when he gets home."
  • Today we went to his PDO orientation and he seemed to like the classroom and teachers fine. (He's pretty cautious and doesn't get overly excited without a really good reason.) While we were there he got tired and wanted me to hold him, so he grabbed my hand to pull me down closer to him and climbed up on me in the holding position, like how many times to have to ask, mother!
  • He is currently obsessed with Jeeps. The boy can spot a jeep going 80mph on the opposite side of the tollway. I never noticed the Jeep population before, but now we have to announce every single one we see. Its pretty cute. He'll see one and smirk like "yeah, cool."
  • Yates helped me make brownies...

  • Yates loves lemonaide. He calls it la-lane and cried for it all the way home from "school" today. So random to me.
  • The worst thing about Yates is the way the mosquitos love him. He honestly can't be outside for more than 5 seconds without being attacked by a swarm. I feel so bad for him. I keep him covered in OFF and cortizone itch cream and he is constantly telling me that he is itchy. Poor baby.

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Lane Olson said...

sweet yates. we have those boots from Target and M loves them! had to send him to school in them a few times.