Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yates' 1st Day and Girl Day

Wednesday was my baby's first day of "school." Waaahhh. He had been to see his class room and meet his teachers already so I was hoping the big day wouldn't be too traumatic. We got all dressed and packed without any major drama. Well except that he came down with a cold the day before precipitating a rush visit to the doctor to make sure he could attend. I hate to be the mom with the sick kid on day one, but c'mon. I reeeaaallly wanted him to go. We did go to the doctor and he was cleared for school. Huge relief. He did have a runny nose, but was safe to play with other kids. The puppies rode with us to see Yates off. I don't think he really realized where he was going so he didn't know that its customary to freak out. Yates immediately found the and trains and started to play. He was having a good time until he saw me dangerously close to the door. I had to tell him bye quickly and slip out. Then he really did cry. He stopped by the time I got 1/2 way down the hall.
Here is Yates ready to go!
I stressed about his first day outfit for weeks and settled on this. I wanted him to wear a jon jon, but he usually throws a fit when I put him in them. His little shorts are Armani pinstriped suit shorts. I couldn't help it. A little much for a first day of Parents Day Out, but heaven forbid my baby Yates wear something embarrassing. He will ease into his Target ensembles slowly.
I had completely forgotten about Yates needing mosquito protection during outdoor playtime until I had already dropped him off, but rushed to CVS and got him some OFF wipes. The office has to have a parent note and keep bug repellent in the office like its an epi pen or something. Whatever. As long as he doesn't get eaten alive at school, I don't care where they keep the stuff.
As soon as we got Yates all situated at school Stella and I were off for our much anticipated "Girl Day." We had been talking about it for days and I told her she could do anything she wanted to do on our special girl day. She thoughtfully (nerd-ily) chose to go the library and do her USA puzzle. I added lunch, ice cream and her first mani/pedi. Its is ridiculously early to start mani/pedis but Michael suggested it. This is not a start to that, only a special occasion. First we went to the library and Stella "looooved it." She got her own library card and signed her name on the back of it. Too cute! She chose 5 books. One about architecture and one about Matisse and Picasso. I was so proud and I swear I didn't have a thing to do with it. She did it 100% on her own. Then we went for our mani/pedis. She insisted that she sit in my lap the whole time and we had 3 girls working on us.

She touched her eye with a wet fingernail, so Van got it off for her. After that we went to lunch at MiCocina (her choice) and then to I Heart Yogurt. After all of that fun it was time to go get brother.
We ran home and picked the puppies back up to ride with us to get brother. (We also needed to check on the builder and the cleaning service that destroyed much of our new home on their first visit.) Anyway, Yates was crying when I got there and his teachers said he had been crying "off and on most of the day." Oops. Forgot to mention that he does that sometimes. I think he had an OK day and we're ready for our second day next Wednesday.


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