Friday, September 18, 2009

rainy days

Isn't this how everyone gets dressed in the morning?
Not to be outdone by sick animal stories, I have some nice, pleasant, clean baby stories. Yesterday everyone woke up so happy and was really good most of the day. Stella was full of ideas such as, "Mom, I think I need some mascara b/c my eye is itchy." and "Can you get me some jewelry to wear? I need a bunch." and "I need some red lipstick. You know like really bright shiny red like princesses wear? Could I have that please?" We were just getting ready to go to the grocery store, not the prom. Of course, I got her lots of random jewelry and off we went.
This is Stella with her jewelry and a pumpkin she needed at the grocery store. She ran all the way through the produce dept and into the meat dept with that big heavy thing.*

We ran some errands and did a weekly calendar craft. The kids thought it was fun but it was about 80% selfish on my part. I have to explain the days of the week at least once a day and felt like it would be a lot easier with a visual aide. We made stick on shapes for all of our activities and the kids did lots of coloring. We had a great time.

Bejeweled coloring.*
Today Stella had her first dentist appointment and she was amazing! She acted like she does the whole teeth cleaning thing every day. She got an "A+" from the dentist for being so good and her teeth were in perfect shape... so far. We took x-rays and will have some serious orthodontics to deal with. She was honestly better at having her teeth cleaned, flossed, poked at and x-rayed than she was at having a manicure/pedicure.

Teeth cleaning*
Yates' busted lip. He smashed his mouth on the concrete running full speed. Luckily he saw a car like my dad's drive by and he recovered immediately.*

I have a couple of other stories about Stella that I forgot to add last week. One night I was so tired, I couldn't bear the thought of reading her books and going through the whole night time rigamarole. So I caved and told her she could sleep with me if she would watch 2 of my shows with me and be quiet. (She usually complains when the tv has any sort of non-preschool oriented program on.) Anyway, I made her be quiet and watch Rachel Zoe and Design Star with me. She looooved them both. During Rachel Zoe, they aired Marc Jacobs latest fashion week runway show and she sprang up from the bed and said, "Mommy, can you rewind that? I think I saw a dress I liked. Can you make it go really slow so I can see it?" What? Of course. We discussed it and decided that she would have to tell her daddy that she found a Marc Jacobs dress that she needed. When she did relay the message to Michael she added that she also really wanted to go to a fashion show. HA!! I love it. After that show, we watched Design Star. I explained the premise to her and she asked me several questions along the way. We got to the end of the show where one contestant would be kicked off and I paused it to ask her which design was her favorite. Again, she sprang up and described one of the rooms in painstaking detail, even how the blue paint went up the wall and onto the ceiling. You've never seen a more proud, exhausted mommy of a three year old. I beam.

*Sorry about all of these pictures. They're all from my phone.

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