Monday, September 14, 2009

Stella's 1st Day, My Man and Fashion Critics

First of all, Yates has decided that he is a man. He's not a boy, he's not a baby, he's not a guy, he's not a girl, he's not a lady. I asked him, just to be sure. He is a man! I don't really know where he came up with that, but he does like to point at people and assign categories to them from the list preceding. I also don't know what qualifies you to be a member of one group or another, but in case you're curious... I am a lady, Daddy is a man and Stella is a girl. With us categorized correctly, I kinda think he knows what he's talking about and he just fits into the man category in his mind. Simple as that.
Stella Jane had her first day of school today at Good Shepherd. She was so excited to go and it was such a surprisingly pleasant morning. No one freaked out. Everyone did exactly as they were supposed to do. It was amazing. We got dressed, had breakfast, got our hair fixed, our shoes on, all of our gear and in the car without a single tear. But wait, Yates pooped his diaper between the back door and the car. Thats about 5 steps. I wasn't going to backtrack, so I just changed it in the car. We took Stella to her classroom door and off she went. I had to call her back to tell me good-bye. The best news of the day is that she doesn't have to take a nap at school, but is allowed to go into the next older classroom during naptime to learn with the older kids. I am ecstatic!!! She is always the oldest in her class and is trying to read and write for goodness sakes. Please let the girl learn. She can nap at home. No more wagging that napmat to school either. YAY!
Yates and I did Little Gym this morning and then came home to slave over the laundry. We honestly did laundry the entire time Stella was at school. And guess what my "man" did while I was ironing... He went in my closet and came back with my leopard high heels. He took my oh-so-chic flip flops off of me and put the leopard high heels on in their place. He went back to my closet, but my flip flops away perfectly aligned on the shelf right where the flip flops go and came back with some sunglasses that he instructed me to put on. He stepped back, smiled a huge smile approving of his improvement of me and said, "CUTE!" HA! Thanks... I was happy to oblige by ironing in the high heels for a bit, but after a while I asked him if I could please take them off. "Nope, Can't" was the answer I got.
When we went back to school to get Stella, she ran up to me so happily then stopped looked at me with a confused look and adjusted my hat. It obviously wasn't positioned correctly. Good Lord. Maybe they'll just start dressing me.
Oh I almost forgot the "crap." So Stella has been saying "crap." Sometimes she mispronounces things so I try not to make a big deal out of it when it happens and just repeat the word correctly. So I haven't been sure if she is meaning crap or meaning something else. The first incident happened when she had unrolled this huge roll of smiley face stickers that was so long it wrapped around the entire living room. She thought it was so fun and she happily said, "Mommy look at all this crap!" Completely shocked, I was just like, "Oh yeah, look at that." I spent the rest of the day wondering... "Did she just say crap?" Then this morning I was washing her face for school and we got to the eyes. She said, "Sometimes I have this stuff in the crap of my eyes." OK, that time she meant crack, sleep in the crack of her eyes. OK. No big deal. Then when we got home from school today she was telling me that she wanted to show daddy all of the " beautiful craps she made at school today." Now that one was supposed to be crafts. I still am not sure if she actually does mean crap sometimes. I sure hope not, I mean crap, eww. We don't say that, do we?


Lane Olson said...

Milam says he's a man too! and we've been having some issues with the word "stupid"...not sure which is worse. crap or stupid! glad first days of school were drama free.

Emily said...

Your little man is too funny!! So glad Stella had a good 1st day! Our girls are going to have so much fun together!