Friday, September 18, 2009

OK! Thats it...

I am about to have an animal round up over here. Anybody need a pet? If you get grossed out, just leave now. I just sat down for the first time today to breathe and check my email and I hear this 'heeek-a-heeek-a-heeek-a" coming from somewhere, WHERE? I know that sound. Its Deion throwing up and where is he!! SICK! I run to find him with a big FedEx envelope/catcher, but I'm too late.
Now, I have recovered from my children being sick with the stomach bug or whatever that was and their throw up is another story. They were sick. The are babies. I can deal with that. These animals on the other hand. No, no, no. I can deal with it, but it infuriates me.
Sasha went to Palestine with Michael and my dad and got a "stomach bug" of her own. She got home and was moping around for like 36 hours. My mother and I heard a huge bucket of water spill (we thought it was a huge bucket of water) and turned to find that Sasha had thrown up every bit of BBQ, lake water and whatever else it was the guys fed her all over one of my nice rugs. ...huge sigh... That doesn't clean up easily and that rug is still outside.
The day before yesterday I was fixing lunch for everyone and noticed something cool on the side of my foot. Oh, it was just cat throw up oozing up around the side of my sandal. I didn't see it and tromped all through it and got it all over my kitchen. I'm hungry, my babies are hungry, I've got 1/2 made lunch on the counter and throw up on my foot and all over my kitchen. ...raging... Those sandals are outside too.
This morning there was poop on the floor in Stella's room, OSCAR!! Yates saw it and started gagging of course.
A little earlier, I turned to go see what that little rock was on another rug. As I got closer I realized it was a little poop! I snatch it up, run it to the potty and go to see if Deion had pooped in his usual location, and oh yes. However, part if it was gone b/c I looked at Oscar and he had poop ON HIS NOSE!!!
Deion is having some sort of break down. He is eating the same amount of food that he used to eat in a week in one day. So of course he needs to throw up and can't wait to go outside to poop.
I am so over it. I'm about one more barf away from calling animal control. They all better straighten up or learn to speak English and explain themselves reeeaalll quick! A little phrase like, "I think I'm sick, I need a bucket." Or even "Hey slave lady, sorry I threw up on your stuff again." Either of those would work.
If no one ever wants to come to my land mined house again, I understand. I don't want to be here either...
This is Sasha's innocent face. Right. I'm not falling for it.

Deion looks guilty. I think he's mad about us getting Oscar and he's doing all of this on purpose.
There are cute pictures of Oscar, but if you poop on the floor and eat poop your cute picture privileges are revoked. His hair is a disaster b/c Yates got ice cream on him last night and it dried and got crunchy.

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