Friday, May 28, 2010


I don't know who is more excited about summertime, me or the babies. I haven't planned a single activity for anyone this summer and I want be able to go and do anything we want at any time. I have been accused of having on overly fantasized idea of life and it shows in my thoughts for the summer.
Tuesday was wild! We started out by going to the Dallas Aquarium. The kids really liked it this time. On all of our previous visits we just buzzed through, but they were really interested and on the hunt for Nemo, Dory and Gill. Thank goodness those guys were at the end. We finished up by having lunch at the restaurant there. The kids got complimented again during lunch. I won't go into detail, but it is always so nice. We came home for naps and Yates refused. He keeps climbing out of his bed. I put him back over and over but some days I can only do it so many times. We'll figure it out.
The Belf girls came over to swim after the nap battle and they all had so much fun! Right after we finished swimming our builder and a photographer came over to take pictures of our kitchen and master bathroom. He is entering them into some best builder contest and I find it hilarious! These are the 2 rooms he fought me the hardest on. If I said black, he said white. If I said up, he said down. Now look. Michael always tries to diffuse me by saying that I should take these incidents as compliments, but still.
Today, to carry on our summer fun, we went to Coffee Park aaaand the chick-fil-a play ground. S and Y loooove Coffee Park. It is really nice and we were the only people there. Maybe because it was 99 degrees outside. Oh, also today, on the way to Coffee Park, Stella was screaming from the back of the car, "Look, there is that tree that I had a leaf from and Bop was telling me about it when Rex got bathed." What? I had no idea what she was saying, but vaguely remember her having a dried up leaf at church after Rex's baptism. I asked her if that was what she was referring to. She said yes and that Bop told her that the leaf came from a tree that has big white flowers on it, a magnolia. Once she got all of that explained, I looked out of the car window and sure enough. A huge magnolia. Maybe this isn't weird, but I was shocked that she could identify a tree from a dried up leaf and a verbal description. That girl surprises me every day.

I have to mention that I am really happy for Lee DeWyze. Something about him just seems so nice and genuine. I hope he does really well.


Emily said...

i think i'm as excited as you about summer!! lots of swim time in our backyards!
and...i'm super excited about lee winning! brett thought i was crazy i was so excited!

Katelyn said...

Hi Edith!! Sounds like yall are having a great summer. The kiddos are too cute. And, him. I secretly think he looks like a cuter version on buggar. Will call you soon. xoxo.