Saturday, May 08, 2010

Super Duper Pooper 5.6.2010

So what I get for complaining about poop is a record breaking poop-a-thon. Fortunately, all of the real drama happened two days ago and out of self-preservation my memory has erased most of the gory details. To sum it up, Oscar Butter got the Number 3s and throw ups and I have cleaned up 14 disgusting accidents from him alone in 3 days!!! Some other biggies were: Rex did one of those poops up to his shoulder blades and needed a bath and new clothes. While I was trying to clean him up, Yates threw up all over my feet. The other doozie was the first rattle out of the box, the morning after I typed the last post I was sitting up in bed with Rex. He was just waking up and was sitting on my stomach leaning back on my knees and he pooped all over me and it went in my belly button! I mean! Gag! It hard to get anything done around here with all of this scrubbing and cleaning and sanitizing I’m doing. I’m nearly germaphobic too, which doesn’t help. Most normal people could probably wipe most of this up and be done with it, but not me. I am spraying everything I can find on this stuff and topping it off with some bleach. Eeeewww….

The babies have all been extra good today. I only had to clean up one dog #3, so that was nice. Rex has learned how to put his pacifier in his mouth on his own. He’s not 100%, but it’s a good thing he’s learning. He also is loving his little giraffe binkie that Erinn gave him. He hugs it next to his face and its sooooo cute!

This weekend, we are having Rex baptized and are having both sets of grandparents in for the big day and Mother’s Day. (We also have a ballet rehearsal and 2 birthday parties to squeeze in) Yay!

Lastly, I get very nice random surprise comments from people who have read the blog. Thank you for reading! I love it! But, what I would really love is for readers to comment (if you have a second.) I never know who is reading and would love to. Thanks!


Robin said...

Hey Meredith!! Your blog is hilarious!! :-) I can SO relate to the poop posts and the "please-can-they-have-an-IV???" post I have 12 kids at my house right now and its pretty much, wake up, change poop, eat, change poop, eat some more, change poop!!!
You're kids are adorable :-)

Melissa said...

Found your blog and love it :) It has been forever since we have seen you guys. I think Stella was just a tiny baby and you were just pregnant with your second. You look amazing and I have really enjoyed blog stalking you because your blog makes me laugh. :) xoxo Melissa

Lane Olson said...

i really, really feel your poop pain. somebody please make it better soon.

Anonymous said...

Meredith I fould your blog from Laura Milligan's FB. You write so well and the antics of the Grabham house really tickle me! Thank you for sharing this amazing real life journey...Mary Anna Coe

Anonymous said...

Hey Meredith.....A great way for me to keep up with you and your precious family. I wish I could see you more often. The babies are growing so fast....can't believe Rex !!!! He is going to catch the others.
Keep your blog going. I enjoy it very much.
Love you.....Mimi

Anonymous said...


I didn't know you had a it! Can absolutely relate to it! I laughed out loud!


kinsey said...

i love reading about yall! your kids are too cute and funny :-) my blog is private but if you want to be invited just let me know ;-)