Thursday, May 06, 2010

Poop Bloggy Blog


I have said this a thousand times, but the days just fly past me. During the day, I’m thinking, “OMG, I’m not going to make it through lunch if I hear my name one more time,” or “What am I going to do with all of these kids for 12 hours?” or “I can’t even keep my eyes open I am so tired… Oh its only 11am.” I’m trying to say that the days feel like they drag on and on, but then I look up and its May. I swear I missed all of April and whatever those other months were after Rex was born. Are we sure we had April this year? I know we had my mom’s birthday and Easter on the 4th. The rest of the month I don’t think happened. So weird.

So I’d really like to blog every day. And I’m thinking of renaming the blog Poop Bloggy Blogg. Doesn’t that sound fabulous? It does to me, but then I remember a few things. There are a lot of basic, normal things that I don’t do every day like make my bed, take a vitamin, let me think… bathe! I also remember that not everyone loves Snoop as much as I, or deals with as much Poop as do I. It makes sense to me, but might sound atrocious to a passerby.

"breakfast on the go"

On this poop tangent, I wonder every day how blue I would glow if a CSI wanded me for fecal matter. No matter how much hot water, soap and sudsing to the Happy Birthday song I do, I still feel like there is just too much poop around here. Today I made the mistake of taking SYR into a store with no one trapped or tied down into or onto anything. S and Y were on foot (not crammed in a buggy) and I was carrying R. Guess what. Yates needed to tee tee. This is great, but the boy as I mentioned before tries to completely disrobe and touches the potty as you would a steering wheel… all around. SICK! I tried my best to make a toilet paper nest and keep him on it, but it was futile. He also managed to wriggle out of his underwear and shorts despite me squatting there, squishing R, trying to hold Y on the potty and keep his clothes on his foot. I just take a deep breath and think, one thing at a time. We’ll get him 100% perfect with this potty thing, then we’ll work on his form. What’s a little more fecal at this point? I do still get the chilly willys at this thought as I feign stoicism. Its just disgusting and I do apologize for sicking anyone out.

The good parts about this particular errand are:

1. Yates fell in love with this Spider Man book that your mommy is supposed to insert a picture of your face into everywhere Spider Man’s face should be. He carried it around, tried to make me carry it around, but I told him we weren’t buying it. I’m sure we could have, but it never ends. They always want something and have more toys than anyone should have. Anyway, at the door I told him to put it down. I did not want to, but he did it!!! No fit, no tears. Amazing! Yay!

2. As we walked out the door Stella exclaimed, “That store was so beautiful and filled with so many things I couldn’t even choose what I wanted!!!”

We were at Michael’s…

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