Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pool, Party, Pottery, Pancakes...

walking to the pool
The summer bonanza continues...
We've been spending some time at the pool and the kids are loving it. This picture is IT for me. All of my babies (and me) having fun in the pool... my favorite. Stella has even been jumping in with her head going under. Yates is fearless. He loves to jump in and go under over and over and over. Luckily he waits for a catcher b/c he drops to the bottom like a rock is happy to stay there. Rex is happy as a lark as long as I'll hold him. Gets sleepy, takes a nap in his stroller, then is ready for more. Such an easy baby!

My little Stella baby turned 4!!!!!
that face. she was so happy.
I absolutely can not believe she is four years old. I can't stand it. She is such an amazing little girl. I am so lucky to be her mommy. I have said a thousand times that she surprises me every day and she does. I wish I had time to sit and stare and play and talk to her alone, one on one, all day every day. It breaks my heart every time she is telling one of her super long drawn out stories and I don't get the whole thing or when she needs me to look or help and I just can't. Its hard to know that you can't do it all when you want to so much. I love her so much and hope that I do well enough as her mommy to help her reach her full potential.
So, to celebrate the big day Gigi, Gabby, Pink and Bop came and we had a big huge fabulous Butterfly Sprinkler party (totally her idea) with lots and lots of friends. It turned out really well and the kids had lots of fun, despite the fact that it was about 200 degrees outside. The grandparents all helped so much and I couldn't have done that day without them.
The real birthday morning. I gave her a "singing candle" in the center of a donut and she thought it was amazing.
On the real birthday day we took a long trip up the tollway, rode the carousel and went to the Disney store. The carousel was a hit and S and Y chose one Disney toy. I told them they could eacg choose 1 thing in the store. Out of all of the things there S chose another Ariel Barbie and sweet little Yates chose a blue Buzz Lightyear flip phone off of the junk rack... they are so random.
-- real quick story about the tollway--
S and Y are obsessed with the tollway. They have these conversations in the back of the car about whether or not we're on the tollway. Yates will say, "Dallah (stella) we on tooooollbaaay" and she'll say, "Oookay, let me pull my puppy up." Sounds weird but its their ritual. Stella has this stuffed yorkie with no name and a purple collar and leash, who is laced through the granny bar. When we're on the tollway, she HAS TO pull the puppy's leash and have him dangle in the window. Why? I have no idea, but its hilarious to me over and over.

Another day we decided to go... I'll have to finish this later.
Green eyes? I can't decide...
Pink gave Yates a viewmaster. He LOVES it!


Emily said...

I really can't believe you have a 4 year old!! Where does time go??

Lane Olson said...

happy birthday stella! glad we were able to help celebrate.