Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pool, Party, Pottery, Pancakes... Part 2

The rest of the story was that we went to one of those pottery places where you can paint the piece you choose. Stella loved it! I loved it! Yates participated for a while then decided to roam around and barely touch everything in there. At one point he pulled his shorts off and put them back on. Who knows... S and Y made father's day gifts for Michael, a mug and a lidded box. They're going to be sooo cute!
As we were leaving it started to pour and we were soaked. Once we had all made it into the car we were all laughing so hard b/c we were so, so wet. It turned into some silly song about our hair being wet, our toes being wet and even our baby was all wet. Sweet Rex looked pretty confused about how and why he had gotten so wet but didn't complain.
We ended up at Breadwinners for lunch and the kids both chose to have pancakes for lunch. Its summertime. Why not?
All of these pictures are from my iphone. Sorry about that. But this last one is a rare shot of Stella and Yates sitting together peacefully. Yates walked up to Stella and asked if he could sit with her... how cute. She said sure and made him a spot.
I'd also like to point out Yates' shirts in these pictures. One is a too small turquoise tshirt with Bam Bam's body and neck. Its pretty atrocious, but he loves it and insists on wearing it. If the Bam Bam shirt is dirty, then he insists on wearing his too small gray bulldozer shirt. One might say, buy the boy some clothes that fit. I do! I've even sacrificed my own fashion rules and have purchased shirts with cranes and jeeps and stuff on them. He will not wear them. Basically, Yates is only happy with his outfit 2 days a week. Bam Bam day and bulldozer day. The rest of the week he regretfully settles on some of his more attractive shirts. We have the same issue with the shoes. Right now he is only wearing old, too tight green crocs or his rainbow flip flops. I took his little bootie to Nordstrom and showed him the wall of crocs. I told him he could choose any color he wanted. "Nope, I like green." "Well, lets get you a new green pair that fit better." "Nope, I like these." This went on and on and on. He didn't budge. We tried looking at new shirts too. "Nope, I not like those shirts." So, if you see Yates looking silly, thats why. He's a man.

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