Thursday, March 04, 2010

"Don't tee-tee on Spider Man"

This is big. Really big. (First a little background. Yates is not potty trained, but I really think he could/should be.) Last night Stella, Yates and I were all in the powder room going potty when Yates decides that he wants to sit on the little baby potty. So he takes off ALL of his clothes and sits on the potty. Nothing happened, so I didn't make any big deal out of it and offered him a diaper or underwear. He chose underwear and we went to pick them out. He chose Spider Man and I told him, "You can wear these underwear, but don't tee-tee on Spider Man. He will not like that." So a bit later, Yates gasped, "Ahhh, Mommy, tee-tee!" So, I just said "Well, ok, go to the potty. Do you want me to help you?" Yates, "No, I do it. Not want mommy to hope (help) me" A minute later he comes out, "I did it!" Sure enough. He totally did. We celebrated and give him the jelly beans and cookie dough (yes cookie dough) we've been promising for months. I can't believe he just did that all by himself. Obviously the make a big deal out of going to the potty approach was not his style. The man needed some privacy. He's been in a diaper today b/c we've been out, but we'll see how he does after his nap today. I didn't get a picture due to his privacy issue, but we did get a video of him running around in his new shoes and underwear afterwards.

Stella's latest:
After I mentioned that Rex has his days and nights mixed up:
"Mommy, I have a great idea. Since Rex likes to sleep in the day and be awake at night, I will come and sleep in your room with you, so I can babysit your baby for you and you can have some rest." What a sweet girl!
When seeing the spotlights on the Olympics figure skaters:
"Mommy! Mommy! See those big circle lights following them?! I need some of those!"
Randomly in the car:
"Mommy, I really want to be on a stage. When can I be on a stage?"
"Mommy, when is there going to be another fashion show? I really want to be in another fashion show."
Should I be worried?

Yates has no idea that boys don't generally do this. I use at as manners practice for him. Lord knows boys need all the help they can get, before its too late and they're full grown and doing something embarrassing at the table.
Rex is 7 weeks old. He has his days and nights mixed up pretty bad and is going through this terrible night time thing where he fights sleep and gets completely overtired and nutso when we try to get him to sleep. He ends up crying and crying and batting his arms really hard until he falls asleep. Its so bad. He also got cradle cap two days ago. Poor baby. He is still so sweet and has been smiling so much. He makes the cutest noise when I come to get him or pick him up. Its like he is so excited that its me. Love it! I would have a picture of him, but all he does is eat, dirty his diapers and sleep...

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