Tuesday, March 09, 2010


No one looked good... oh well
I have all 3 babies sleeping at the same time for the first time ever and I feel like its Wednesday. Its not Wednesday. Its a bad sign when you starting rushing the week away so early on. Today is absolutely fabulous outside! Its 70 without a single cloud in the sky. I want to be out there in it, but opted to fold clothes instead. Ahh the life!

Poor SJ is sick. She came to get in our bed last night and had 102 fever. Since Rex sleeps in our bed, sweet daddy Michael took her upstairs and slept with her. She has a yucky cough and runny nose and is taking the first nap she has had in ages! Thats how we know she's sick. She always says she feels fine until she just can't go on and passes out somewhere. If she knew she was missing ballet right now, she'd feel perfectly fine. I'm glad she is getting some rest.

This may come out kind of weird but yesterday I decided to try an experiment with Yates. He has been just a little ornery lately and seemed like nothing was getting through to him. It was starting to look like he was enjoying being in trouble and Stella was getting used to it too. He was randomly asking me if he was in trouble even when he wasn't and even asked me for a spanking. It was kind of like he was expecting to be in trouble, so if he wasn't he would just do something bad. He was comfortable there. So sad. We had gotten into the habit of snapping at him and even Stella was doing it. I told Stella what our plan was and so we started to just love on him and treat him the way we treat him when he is at his best. I made up a story about him being a good boy that repeated over and over and he really lit up. The entire evening Stella and I tried really hard to be extra sweet to Yates and you know what? He was an absolute perfect angel. He was hugging and kissing everyone, even the dogs, using perfect manners, sharing, not whining, obeying the first time, he was amazing! I feel terrible that we were encouraging him to be bad and am so happy that I was able to see it sooner than later. The days are so hectic sometimes its hard to slow down and concentrate on what is really going on.

This morning we were making our grocery list and Stella said, "Mom, don't forget the dots (periods) after all of the stuffs on our list." She was wanting me to punctuate our bread. milk. cheese. yogurt. . Once again, I haven't taught her about punctuation b/c I didn't realize it was necessary or time. So I attempted to explain why and where we use a dot/period. She sighed a long sigh and said, "...ok mom, just give it to me, I'll do it." And she did. So funny.


Lane Olson said...

congrats on 3 sleeping babies! that's big. hope S feels better today...think M is coming down with the same thing.

Pink said...

You are such a wonderful mommy! How smart you are to figure out Yates' character! He IS a good, sweet boy. I cannot wait to see Rex tomorrow...he has grown so! LOVE the pic of you all together. Hope Stella is better!
Love to all, Pink