Wednesday, March 10, 2010

so sleepy...

So I have learned (as a mom of three - hilarious) that as soon as you figure out your baby, something changes and the thing you figured out doesn't work anymore. But for now, Rex is officially figured out. He was going through that terrible over tired, crying and batting his arms until 2am thing at night, but it seems to be over. I was reading and reading, trying to figure out what to do and trying all of the things I was reading. None of them were working and I think everything I tried only made it worse. The general consensus was to get "the baby" on an Eat, Sleep, Play cycle and try to keep them awake during the day. Well no thanks! This boy does not want to be kept awake for any reason at any time. The more sleep he gets, the better he sleeps. My mom said, "Well, he is yours." I do love my sleep! I guess I should have thought about that before going and getting 3 kids! Anyway, Rex did not enjoy being messed with and woken up to eat or get a new diaper or play. It looks like I might have another little boss on my hands. He knows what he wants and when he wants it. I'm just on standby which is great for me. Oh and hallelujah, the boy loves the baby bjorn! Stella and Yates probably spent a total of 3 hours combined in one. Rex is more like 3+ hours a day! Love it!!!

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Emily said...

sweetest little baby!! what are you going to do with yourself with just one baby this weekend? want me to babysit???