Wednesday, February 03, 2010

3 weeks old

Rex is three weeks old today. He is still being super easy, sleeping well, eating well, snoring here and there. This last week flew by! Yesterday we had sweet friend and photographer Kelly Pollard come over to take pictures of the babies. Kelly is amazing. Not only are her photographs beautiful, but she is an amazing person and is unbelievable with the babies. They love her, I love her and I think I'm going to start stalking her. (Sorry Kelly) Click the link and brace yourself... they made me cry, again.


The best thing about today is that we made it to school on time! Yay! I had to use every ounce of self control I could muster to keep from running through the hall at school with my arms raised in the air in celebration! I just crossed the finish line. We were actually 2 minutes ahead of schedule. I knew I could do it. Last week we were late Monday and Wednesday and I was not ok with it. I do not want to be that mom. Anyway, hopefully the late days are behind us.
Also at school, Yates' new teachers are so nice! The entire "vibe" is just so much better, more positive and sweeter. At his old school the teachers expected him to act a certain way (fussy) and so he did. Now they have a nice little story to tell me at the end of each day about how good he is. Today the story was that Yates is so sweet, he helped another little boy pick up a mess he had made and was not wanting to pick up. I didn't know Yates would pick up a mess, much less help someone else pick up their mess. Like my mom said, as long as they do what they know is right in public, I've done my job. Yay! I am very proud of him for adjusting to his new school so well, for fitting in with the older kids in his class and for being a good boy.
Stella came home with a special sticker on her shirt for picking up at school today too. Michael has been making them pick up really well at night. I guess its starting to get ingrained in them. Hallelujah!

A couple of cute things the kids have been saying...
Stella - "Mommy, I love you as long as a rope."
Yates - "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, __(insert long story about anything at all)_____, blah, blah. Know that?"

I can't remember if I've posted about Yates' imaginary kitty cat and bulldozer. He has decided that there is an invisible kitty cat that lives on top of or behind the headboard in our bedroom. He pretends like the imaginary cat scares him so that he can fake scared. He always says, "Kitty cat getting me" then dies laughing. The imaginary bulldozer lives in his hand... of course. He will hold out two hands for you to guess which hand the bulldozer is in, then when you choose the right hand he will whisper, "bitty bitty bulldozer." Hilarious.

One other thing I didn't want to forget. Between Friends. Stella designed and made a baby doll the day before Rex was born. She sketched the way she wanted her baby to look, chose the fabrics, buttons, thread colors and placement of everything. When it was finished she announced that her name is Between Friends... so that everyone can share her. Oooookay...


kinsey said...

we had hank's pics taken when he was 5 days old... i STILL cry when i look at them ;-)

Lane Olson said...

these photos are really, really amazing...and so are your kids. sounds like they were perfect angels for your session! and stella's little doll is the cutest.

Kelly said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the kind words. I love your family, too!!!