Saturday, April 12, 2008

Semi-Celebrity Week

I went from having nothing at all to say to having more to say than time to type. So here I go. I never ever ever ever see famous people. Other people do and I wonder if I just don't recognize them. So this week I ran into 3 barely famous people and I'm so excited.

I saw Phil Stacy, an American Idol loser and Marion Lee from Project Runway. Phil was dorky. He was at the galleria with some weird dudes and he was walking around singing and trying to draw attention to himself. Ok... we see you. Goodness. Marion was at Barneys (where else would he be?) with a guy that had so many tattoos on his face that I almost ran into a rack of clothes from staring so hard. I almost missed Marion (who is from Tyler of all places on the planet) b/c of tattoo guy. But anyway, I was so excited to see him b/c Project Runway is my very favorite show on TV. Then the least famous, but best was "Maren's Mom." One of the little girls in Stella's mother's day out is in ads for hotslings. They are the one's pictured above "everyday." Anyway, she gave me some sling advice and Yates rode in his sling for about 2 hours today. He even had a nap! Before he would cry and stick his legs out straight when I tried to put him in it. Having 2 hands was huge!! That is why she was the best barely famous person of the week.

So now for the important things. Yates and Stella... sweet sweet babies.

Yates is such a man. Its so cute. He is always so hot and sweaty and is the most tickelish person I have ever known in my life. He laughs and smiles all the time and its so funny. Also, he is huge! His size 2 diapers don't even reach around him, he is barely squeezing into 9 m clothes and he has been sleeping in Stella's 12-18 m t-shirts at night (b/c he gets too hot in anything else.) He has done some big things this week. He sat in his bumbo, did the sling, played in the jumperoo (loved it) and right now he is taking a nap on the bed all by himself for the 1st time ever! Yay!

The cutest thing Stella does right now is count. If you ask her how many, she says 5,8,9. If there are only 2 things, the answer is 5,8. She knows how many 2 is and will tell you that there are 2 of something, but if she's going to actually count the 2 things its 5,8. So funny! Her other 2 big accomplishments are that we are leaving the mammas in her crib and we tried pull ups. She never thinks twice about it when we ask her to leave the mammas in the bed. When she's sleepy she asks for them and is happy to see them at nap and bed time. Going without the mammas is huge. I'm so excited to be doing well without them. I bought her some pull ups this week and she loves wearing them, but doesn't quite get it yet, so we'll wait a bit on those. I wish I could write about all of the cute and smart things she does, but if I did that I would be missing all of the things. Sorry its taken me so long to write...


Victor, Wendi & Ella said...

They are so cute! XXOO~Wen

ariele post said...

they get cuter and cuter each time i see pics!


Anonymous said...

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