Wednesday, April 16, 2008

not again...

it really is amazing how you can look up and its 3:30!  where did the day go?  i'll tell you.  it went to changing 17 million poopie diapers and to scouring the car, carseat and all its tiny parts and stella b/c she threw up big time in the car again!  luckily she had just thrown a fit to open a container with 84 foam letter and numbers in it and threw them on the floor, right in the perfect place for throw up to land on all of them.  seriously!  omg.  so sick!  she did this once before and it was terrible.  this time its triple terrible b/c michael is in houston and i have 2 babies!  ugh.  thankfully brother was very sweet and patiently sat in his carseat while i stripped stella and her carseat in the drive way.  
i loooove jon and kate plus 8 and i wonder what she does if someone throws up in the car.  thinking about her and being thankful that its michael and meredith plus 2 instead of plus 8 helped me just get over the disaster and clean it up.  i have a thousand things to do.  the carseat is still completely apart and needing to get in the washing machine and i'm soaking 84 pieces of foam in the sink... ta-ta.

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ariele post said...

hi! i am sorry, ihate baby throw up. that's right thank goodness there are only 4 of you , i couldn't imagine what i would do with that many kids. we are all done, what about you, do you want more?