Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Holy Moly

Bop strikes again and Stella couldn't be happier!  What a lucky little bean!  I mean of course... I would have just died for one of these when I was little.  I have even had a good bit of fun playing on this thing.  The slide is really fun and fast.  We've even had Sasha on the slide and she thinks its fun too.  It's so much fun that Stella calls the whole gizmo "blue slide."  
For those of you thinking this mini mansion o' fun looks like a good idea... let me just forewarn you.  It came in 5 boxes, every single piece had to be put together.  I would think that they could have at least put the chains on the swings or maybe the wooden steps on the rope ladder, but no.  One of the bags of screws had 710 screws in it and that was just bag A... only one of the bags labelled A - N,  AND it came with an instructional DVD!!!!  Of course we didn't watch that and it took 2 solid days with 3 people working on it to get the thing together, 3 trips to Lowe's, new pneumatic tools, saw horses, a shovel, levels, squares, ladders, drills, clamps, sunscreen and lots of beers for the daddies.  
All in all, I really do think it was worth it.  We can't wait to see what fun brother will have and are already prepared to see some climbing onto the roof and jumping off action.
During a brief break from Blue Slide, Stella was kind enough to read a book to Yates.  He was a very good listener and she was a very good sweet "reader."
A couple more things... remember what happened last Wednesday?  Someone (Stella) had a major - entire breakfast - have to go home - throw up accident in the car.  Well its Wednesday again and guess what happened?  Yates had an equally disasterous, outing-ending - go home tear apart the car seat and bathe the baby -  throw up in the car.  It wouldn't be quite so bad if it was like, uh oh, someone threw up.  Lets get a wipe and clean it up.  But its not even close to that.  It's like oh my gosh.... try not to panic, race home, strip everyone and everything in the vicinity of the throw up, clean it, lysol wipe everything, take the car seat apart and then be stuck at home for the entire day b/c we are waiting for the car seat to wash and dry.  Ugh.  Seriously, what is the deal?  I don't particularly care for dismantling drenched car seats, but I'm getting really good at it.  
And finally, my peonies bloomed!!!! YAY!!!  I am so excited : )  The pictures won't upload for some reason, but I'll add them later.  Ta-ta.


Victor, Wendi & Ella said...

They are adorable! They should come and out the blue slide together for you after you pay that much for them, dont you think??!! XXOO

Anonymous said...


I was laughing so hard reading about putting the play yard together! Ariele told me that your babies were beautiful, so I had to have a peek - they are absolutely precious!

You might want to stay home on Wednesdays - throw up day - ha ha ha!

Lisa (Ariele's mom)

ariele post said...

love the pics! we just got a playground too :)