Sunday, September 12, 2010

During Rex's nap one day, Stella and Yates were playing way too loudly. After I had asked them over and over to be quiet, sure enough they woke Rex up. I was not happy, so I told them to go up there and tell him they were sorry for being too loud and waking him up. I really just needed a second to finish up whatever I was doing and didn't want Rex screaming. I went up to get him and this is what I found... perfect.

Yates is really coming out of his shell lately. If only I could get him to stop using "B"sounds in place of "Ws." "Bears my blado?" = Where's my water? We're working on it, he just doesn't want to do it right.

Train PJs - check, Bulldozer spoon - check, Airplane bowl - check, Wrench - check, 18 wheeler for your fruit - check

nothin' like climbing trees in your underwear and hanging out with your daddy

Stella's First Soccer Practice

Daddy coaching Rex on the sideline.

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