Tuesday, November 03, 2009

skimming the surface

Ready for school
"Princess Butterfly"
Princess Butterfly singing and Caterpillar fussing about a ring with lip gloss in it.
Walking in the neighborhood Halloween Parade with Daddy and Sasha.
Sharing Candy, so sweet...
There are so many things I have just skipped over on the blog. Bad, bad, bad. I skipped the fun trip to the State Fair, my birthday, Halloween, and plenty of good stuff in between.
The trick to keeping up with the blog is simple. First, make sure you have a little bit of time to think and find photos. Second, make sure you aren't too tired or too grumpy to write something coherent and pleasant. Lately I have been failing miserably for those two key reasons.
Today, sick and tired of being 2000 degrees fahrenheit, I ended up spending all day in the same thing I wore yesterday evening and the same thing I slept in. Yes, it was the same "outfit". And yes, I did go out in public, all over the place. SICK! But you know what, I wasn't nearly as hot. I think I'm hotter now at 7+ months pregnant when its 80 out, than when I was only a little pregnant and it was 100 out. blah, blah, blah.
The highlight of my torturous day today was seeing the Bush's housekeeper out walking the Bush puppies, Barney and Miss Beasley.
I was able to enjoy this site only because both babies had fallen asleep in the car after another not-so-fun-for-mommy day. I wasn't about to wake them up b/c I had seriously had enough.

Pregnant Mommy's 31st birthday picture, don't laugh.


Lane Olson said...

what are you talking about...you barely even look preggo there! happy 31!!

Ariele said...

you look great!!! and oh my gosh you have long hair~!!! i have never seen you with long hair!