Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yates. He always seems to end up with no clothes.
I don't know why I can't keep up with this blog all of a sudden. I have a few good guesses, but really wish I was doing a better job. We've just been super busy and super sleepy I guess.

Yates is getting so big! I always say that, but he is. He has been tee-teeing on the potty really well lately, but absolutely does not want to #2 on the potty. He proved it several days by telling us over and over that he wasn't going to do it and then by holding it for days at a time. No big deal. This is just intense practice in preparation for Baby Rex. I think Yates could potty train all the way right now, but the holidays are impossible and I don't want to torture him and everyone else unnecessarily.
Sweet Yates, just saying "cheese."
He is so into trucks and diggers and most of all jeeps. The boy can spot a jeep at 200 yards, I swear. I never realized how many jeeps are on the road, but am so thankful that they're out there. I don't know what we would do in the car if we weren't jeep spotting. We also go visit some diggers doing a water line replacement a few streets away on a fairly regular basis. Its gotten so bad, that Y knows when we're getting close to the street and starts screaming to go see them. I'm thankful they're there too... and they're actually working and loud and all things cool. We usually go by to visit after ballet. Its only fair. If Y has to sit through ballet, then S can stare at some diggers for a bit.
Stella admiring her makeup before the fashion show.
Stella Jane is hilarious as usual. She's pretty much runs on a steady behavior cycle. She'll be really good and gradually worsen over about 2 months until, bam, she's in big trouble. She gets some serious discipline and we're back on track. We just ended a cycle, so she's being an angel right now. Last weekend she made her runway debut at Nordstrom. They had a children's fashion show and I signed her up. I was feeling a little bit stage mom/pageant-ish, but it turned out great. She has been dying to "be in a fashion show" so there. She did it and she did a great job! Here's a video of her walk:
Michael and I finished up our Christmas shopping today! YAY! We wanted to get it all taken care of before Thanksgiving and we did it! What a huge relief. Waddling pregnant through the mall is really not fun to me. I did it with Yates and that was plenty. This time around, I'm looking for strategic parking and doing in and out superfast missions. No lolly-gagging around, backtracks or extra steps for Pete's sake.